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Zoomlion’s Super-duty crawler on its way to Turkish heavy lifter

Zoomlion delivers a new Super-Duty Crawler to Turkish heavy Lifter. The delivery of the crane breaks another record for Zoomlion.

At 9:00 a.m. on September 16th 2021, with the word “departure” and accompanied by colourful fanfare of ribbons and horns, a huge fleet of 100 trucks slowly drove out of Zoomlion, Lugu Industrial Park.

The fleet was transporting Zoomlion’s ZCC32000 crawler crane which is being shipped to Turkey from the port of Shanghai. This “giant” of Chinese construction machines will soon be operating on projects in Turkey.

The export of this model has set a new record for Chinese cranes with the ZCC32000 crawler being the heaviest duty crawler exported overseas. According to Zoomlion, this demonstrates the brand influence and market competitiveness of “made in China” brands

The ZCC32000 crawler crane shipped to turkey is a 1815 tonne full-service product, which has a maximum lifting moment of 29,000 tonne and a maximum single arm height of 168 meters and adopts modularised ultra-wide arms.

Its lifting performance is increased by 10%-20% over comparative products in the industry. It can adapt to various complicated lifting environments during operation, and can be switched to single-engine or double-engine operation according to the actual demands of the users.

Allowing users to choose to reduce the oil consumption or strengthen the power, it has strong adaptability to various working conditions and high system safety assurance. In addition, it can achieve efficient disassembly and assembly.

The ZCC32000 crawler will be used in a nuclear power plant project in Turkey after being delivered to the customer. After completing the hoisting “mission” in the nuclear power plant, it will be transferred to other hoisting projects including wind farm construction and petrochemical plant construction in Europe.

According to Zoomlion management, the advantages of the products it engineers and manufacture is matched by the professional and quality service provided to customers. Zoomlion provides customers with comprehensive solutions, including customised configurations which take into account the working conditions of products, customised transportation schemes, localised financing support, and 24-hour after-sales service and training on product technologies. These ‘value add’ services have provided a solid foundation for the successful exporting of Zoomlion’s “high-end” super-duty products to major overseas market.

Breaking three records in a year demonstrates a strong brand says Zoomlion.

Exporting the ZCC32000 crawler breaks the record for the heaviest duty crane exported overseas and this is the third time that Zoomlion products have broken the record.

Previously, the record was also held by Zoomlion products, which were ZCC9800W crawler crane exported to Turkey in October 2020, and the ZCC12500 crawler crane, which was exported to Turkey in June 2021, both setting records for the heaviest-duty domestic crane exported to Europe. With three records broken within one year, Zoomlion confirms this demonstrates the technical strength, product quality and brand strength of Zoomlion cranes, and sets a standard for “China’s high-end manufacturing” on the world stage.

As a customer of Zoomlion’s three record-breaking products, the largest heavy lifting and transportation company in Turkey had only purchased European and American brands up until recently. However, after purchasing ZCC9800W from Zoomlion last year, an executive kept praising the quality of Zoomlion cranes.

“Zoomlion crawler cranes have excellent construction performance, high construction efficiency and safety, stability of reliability of equipment. Facts have proved that the quality of Chinese products and the reliability they offer.”

Constant improvement in overseas performance demonstrates solid brand strength says Zoomlion. After years of independent research and development and technological innovation, Zoomlion has developed a series of heavy-duty crawler cranes, which have not only demonstrated their capabilities in the key Chinese industry sectors including construction, the renewable energy sector including wind farms, nuclear power and petrochemical industries, it has also successfully made significant inroads on the global market, stepping out of the shadows of major global manufacturers and leading the field with innovation and product development.

With excellent product quality and increased acceptance of the brand, Zoomlion’s construction cranes have been exported to Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, and the performance of the cranes overseas performance has seen a greater awareness and acceptance of the Zoomlion brand.

According to the 2021 interim results reported by Zoomlion, in the first half of 2021, Zoomlion’s overseas income increased by more than 52.28% year-on-year. The results of construction cranes grew sharply, with the sales increased by 60.8% year-on-year from January to August. The sales volume of truck cranes over 30 tons ranked first in the industry, and the company’s domestic market share of crawler cranes ranked first in the industry.

Luo Kai, Vice President of Zoomlion and General Manager of Zoomlion Construction Crane Company, said,

“Zoomlion has broken records in the competition of high-end manufacturing industry, showing the style and responsibility of the backbone of the country. We will continue to carry forward the ‘Craftsman’s spirit’ and provide high-quality and high-performance intelligent products for overseas markets.”

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