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XCMG’s green construction machinery labelled a “significant leap”

Wagenborg Nedlift has purchased the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane, the XCA60_EV, from XCMG.

XCMG has showcased two of its most sustainable cranes to over 1200 guests in a display of its environmentally friendly green construction machinery.

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The display of the electric cranes came at XCMG’s comprehensive testing facility in Jia Wang, Xuzhou, China, presented to invitees from over 60 countries and regions to XCMG’s sixth customer festival.

“The Company demonstrated a powerful lineup of machinery designed to meet modern construction demands with sustainability at the forefront,” said a press release from the manufacturer. “These machines represent a significant leap towards reducing carbon footprints in heavy industries.”

The XCA60_EV, the world’s first hybrid all-terrain crane certified by CE and WVTA, was spotlighted in tandem with China’s largest electric crawler crane, the XLC220-E. The XLC220-E can lift 220 tonnes and can perform “stable” lifting operations for over eight hours off two hours of DC charging.

The XCA60_EV recently made headlines after being purchased by European crane hire company, Wagenborg Nedlift, making it the first crane company in the world to operate a mobile crane in a completely emission-free manner. The crane possesses a 48m telescopic boom length and an engine rated power of 230kW/2200rpm.


The machine, according to Wagenborg Nedlift, came to market after close collaboration between the manufacturer and the company.

“I am particularly proud that Wagenborg is the first crane company in Western Europe to be able to present this completely emission-free crane this summer,” said Managing Director, Gerard Bastiaansen. “Our technical department and operators have had a prominent role in the whole design and production process of the demo crane towards the final XCA60_EV.”

XCMG also displayed a range of other green construction machinery such as excavation machines, road machines, loader machines, milling machines, and aerial work material handling equipment.

According to the manufacturer, other highlights included the XE1200GM material handler, the XC968-EV electric loader, and an “efficient” pairing of D360 bulldozers with D200H high-drive dozers for rapid material laying and road leveling.

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