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XCMG unveils environmentally friendly, efficient machinery

XCMG Machinery Launches Premium G2 Crane Brand, Integrating the Whole Process of Product Application, Maintenance, Operation, and Management to Reduce the Energy Cost while Improves Overall Capability.

XCMG has officially unveiled its latest G2 series of cranes at its sixth XCMG International Customer Festival.

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The latest G2 series possesses new features that enhance the cranes’ sustainable operations, efficiency, and automation. On show were the XCT130G7-1, the XCT50G5-1HEV, and the XCR40_EV that, according to the manufacturer, allowed some 1200 customers to operate and gain a firsthand understanding of the series’ “cutting-edge” features.

“The G2 platform is engineered with several proprietary technologies,” said a release from XCMG, “including G-ECO for full-cycle energy efficiency, G-ICN for intelligent control across all scenarios, G-Master for precise control under all working conditions, G-Comfort for enhanced operational comfort, and G-Safe for comprehensive safety and quality assurance throughout the product’s lifecycle.”

The XCT130G7-1 model was highlighted for its dual-hook synchronisation and its ability to perform complex load-bearing telescopic manoeuvres. The crane’s new composite control technology refines the precision control throughout the crane’s operation, enhancing accuracy by over 25 per cent, according to XCMG.

The XCT50G5-1HEV model was also showcased, featuring an intelligent pump-valve composite control system. This system boosts manoeuvrability by 20 per cent and enhances micro-movement smoothness by 30 per cent, impressing visiting operators with its exceptional capabilities.

Rounding out the display was the fully electric XCR40_EV. The crane is equipped with an integrated all-drive transmission chain that reduces the number of high-voltage electrical components by 58 per cent compared to conventional designs.

As a zero-emission crane, the XCR40_EV strikes a balance between power and economy. Compared to traditional models with ICEs, it doubles the energy conversion and utilisation, increases transmission efficiency by 20 per cent, and reduces energy costs by 63 per cent under various working conditions. Additionally, the model operates at a noise level that is 10-15 dB lower than its ICE-powered counterparts, significantly reducing driver fatigue.

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