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XCMG launches largest hybrid all-terrain in the world

XCMG has launched the largest hybrid all-terrain crane in the world.

Heavy machinery manufacturer XCMG Group has announced the launch of the largest hybrid all-terrain crane in the world.

Capable of lifting up to 300 tonnes, the latest release from the Chinese manufacturer possesses four options for power modes: pure electric, pure oil, plug-in, and hybrid, making it environmentally and operationally adaptable.

Aptly named the XCA300L8_HEV, the 300-tonne hybrid all-terrain crane features a 90m, eight-section main boom that can reach lengths of 128m, giving it a hook height of 120m. The machine can be configured with up to 80 tonnes of combined counterweight which, according to XCMG, makes it most suited to urban construction, bridge projects, petrochemical reconstruction, tower crane assembly, and power generation.

Furthermore, the XCA300L8_HEV holds a 0-50km/h acceleration time of 25.3 seconds, making it 40 per cent faster than the traditional fuel-powered cranes in its class. Compared to its fossil-fuel counterparts, the 300-tonne hybrid all-terrain crane offers a 40 per cent fuel saving, making the machine cost-effective, sustainable, and practical.

The crane was recently launched at the Building Material Machines and Mining Machines Exhibition and Seminar (BICES 2023) in Beijing, China.

The news of XCMG launching the XCA300L8_HEV comes after the Chinese manufacturer recently sold its first XCR55L5_E rough-terrain crane in Italy to Bonassisa Drilling. The machine purchased by the Italian wastewater treatment company features a five section, 43.6m main boom and is capable of lifting at its maximum rated capacity at a radius of three metres. Capable of lifting 11.1 tonnes with the boom full extended at nine degrees, the machine also possesses a 16m bi-fold swingaway extension giving it a maximum tip height of 62m.

XCMG’s products are distributed across Australia by prominent construction and mining machinery companies Ronco and D&D Diesel.


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