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XCMG crawler crane completes work on “world first” project in China

XCMG crawler crane, the XGC28000, completes work on The Project in Putian, China, off Nanri Island.

The XGC28000 XCMG crawler crane has completed the wind turbine installation of the world’s first offshore floating wind power and aquaculture project.

Situated off the coast of Nanri Island of Putian in the Fujian Province of China, the floating wind power and aquaculture is a hybrid project combining wind energy, solar energy, and a fish farm. The developer, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, factored in the fish farm as a means facilitating more access to the fish off the coast of China – especially important, considering Nanri Island’s local economy is heavily reliant on the fishing industry.

“XCMG is committed to building a greener future for future generations,” said Yang Dongsheng, CEO of XCMG. “We look forward to collaborating with more partners across the industry and jointly promoting the innovative practices and applications of alternative energy.”

To factor in the trio of functions, the project possesses a three-column semi-submersible platform on which a 4MV offshore wind turbine and lightweight, flexible photovoltaic modules are installed, according to a press release. In the middle of the platform, a hexagon-shaped aquaculture zone will farm fish and seafood products while producing clean energy.

The XGC28000 was required to install the 4MV wind turbine on a platform that possessed a lot of width, but not a lot of length, making proximity one of the key issues to solve in the lifts. The 2000-tonne crawler crane was equipped with a 126m main boom to first lift 226-tonne and 102-tonne tower tubes, aligning them into place. After this was completed, the crane was then required to assemble the 193-tonne engine room, before lifting the three blades to the wheel hub. With all lifts completed at a 42m operating radius, the XGC28000’s operating radius and lifting capacities at height were thoroughly scrutinised but passed with flying colours, according to Dalian Xinxiang, Project Manager of the wind farm and aquaculture project.

“The super lifting counterweight luffing system of the XCMG crawler crane has been very useful in this project,” he said. “The transportation was also convenient and helped us save time and cost.”

The annual power generated by the world’s first offshore floating wind power and aquaculture project will reach 16 million kilowatt-hours upon completion, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 6000 average households in a year.


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