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WW2 aircraft relocated with Modulift spreader beam

Modulift spreader beam lifts a WW2 aircraft.

British transportation company, Kyles Transport, has utilised a MOD12 spreader beam to lift a World War Two-era Douglas DC-6 military aircraft.

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Needing to transport the plane from Coventry to South Wales to its destination at the South Wales Aviation Museum, Kyles Transport broke the aircraft down into two parts: the cockpit section and the fuselage. To facilitate the lift, the MOD 12 spreader beam was used with a PM65 lorry loader crane, mounted to a DAF XF lorry. Slings and shackles were attached to the beam to ensure the safe lifting of the 4000kg aircraft. Managing Director at Kyles Transport, Kyle Hourihane, turned to the MOD12 spreader beam to stabilise and relocate the 11m-long plane, labelling the globally renowned British manufacturer of below-the-hook equipment as his “go-to” pieces of equipment for lifting.

“The MOD 12 was used at a 4m span to allow us to lift the fuselage at its correct pick points along the aircraft,” he said. “The spreader beam is lightweight, easily assembled and takes up a small footprint when stored. The components are interchangeable and can be re-used for all sorts of different lifts making it an invaluable asset across various industries, including construction, lifting gear and cargo, transport and logistics.”

The MOD spreader beam is the linchpin in Modulift’s product offering, and provides a versatile foundation that seamlessly modifies into the shackle-free Trunnion, and CMOD & TriMOD spreader frames. The MOD is available from six tonnes to 2000 tonnes at a span of 0.4m to 36m.

Modulift’s products are distributed across Australia by Bullivants and Maxirig.


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