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WorkSafe Victoria updates EWP Industry Standard

Workers work on a building aided by an EWP.

WorkSafe Victoria has announced a guidance update in the fourth edition of its industry standard on Elevated Working Platforms (EWPs).

Released in June, the change in question specifically pertains to “Part 5 – Emergency Procedures” and narrow in on part 5.1: “emergency procedures when using EWPs”, adjusting the role of the safety observer.

The updated edition of the industry standard now states that the safety observer “must be trained in the operation of the EWP and licensed where required under the legislation for the type of EWP being operated”.

The latest guidance update follows on from the previous requirements of the safety observer needing to:

  • Have a line of sight to the operator.
  • Be trained in the emergency procedures for that specific EWP.
  • Not leave the area until the EWP is lowered to a stowed position and the operator has alighted from the platform.

According to the industry standard, a safety observer is required in the instance of a “prompt rescue”.

“EWP operators should never operate an EWP alone,” it says. “A safety observer should be appointed to warn the operator(s) of hazards and ensure prompt action to rescue the operator(s).”

The changes to the industry standard can be viewed here.

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