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WorkSafe and TAC WA sign High-Risk Work Licence MoU

WorkSafe Australia and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia (TAC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) facilitating the sharing information relating to High-Risk Work Licence training.

The MoU allows for communication and cooperation between the two bodies, aiming to improve the quality of vocational training for WA workers, with Acting WorkSafe Commissioner Sally North saying the MoU will increase the likelihood of assessors being “found out if they do not conduct assessments properly”.

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“TAC and WorkSafe have not previously been able to share specific information, so this MoU will potentially help both agencies identify anyone who is not properly assessing licence applicants,” North said.

“WorkSafe audits the assessors who carry out the training, and this process has in the past led to the discovery of assessors who have awarded licences to workers who have not demonstrated that they can do the work in a safe and proper manner.”

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TAC Chairperson Anne Driscoll echoed North’s sentiments, stating the MoU would allow the two regulators to work cohesively in improving the quality of training and assessment results in WA and enhance safety in workplaces for graduates.

“The MoU supports TAC in strengthening its oversight of the quality of training and assessment in training products that lead to high-risk work licences, and provides the opportunity for the sharing of information between the two regulators,” Ms Driscoll said.

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