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Wolffkran orders 10 Vita Load Navigator units.

German crane company Wolffkran has purchased 10 units of the Vita Load Navigator technology for immediate delivery, underscoring the collaboration between the two manufacturers.

The partnership between the two is set to alter the construction sphere by combining Vita Inclinata’s lifting technologies with Wolffkran’s crane manufacturing capabilities, aiming to provide projects with faster lifting operations, enhance efficiency through precise load placement, and minimise downtime because of adverse weather and environmental conditions. According to Caleb Carr, CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies, the US-based lifting technology company’s collaboration with Wolffkran has “exceeded” its “expectations”.

“We are excited to witness the rapid adoption of Vita Load Navigator technology,” he said. “Together, we are empowering construction professionals with innovative solutions that will drive industry advancements for years to come.”

A pioneering device, the Vita Load Navigator uses aviation sensors to detect load position, wind speed and hundreds of other data points per second. High-powered air thrusters dynamically adjust loads within milliseconds with up to one degree of accuracy. The unit can be controlled via remote for precise lifting applications. The semi-autonomous propulsion driven device that connects below the hook of the crane produced effusive praise from Wolffkran CEO Duncan Salt, who expressed his enthusiasm for the early success of the partnership between the two companies.

“The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received underscores the transformative potential of our collaboration with Vita Industrial,” he said. “We are proud to bring the Vita Load Navigator technology to our partners worldwide, enhancing their lifting operations and setting new standards for efficiency and safety.”


Vita Inclinata was founded in 2015 to combat unstable loads, today producing technology, manufacturing, and training that creates intelligent lifting systems that enhance the safety, capability, and profitability of industrial construction lifting and search and rescue hoist operations.

Based in Heilbronn and Luckau in Germany, Wolffkran possesses a rental fleet of over 800 tower cranes and manufactures machines that are dispersed globally.

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