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WireCo’s diverse range of wire rope services for the crane industry

WireCo now offers a diverse range of crane wire rope services for the crane industry.

WireCo Australia has undergone a significant expansion and rebranding over the past 24 months to better reflect its affiliation with all WireCo’s manufacturing facilities and brands owned and supplied by WireCo Globally. National Crane Division Account Manager Kathryn Darr elaborates on the global leading products and services supplied by the company.

Following a 35-year career in the wire rope, lifting and cranes industry, Kathryn’s engagements then allowed her to work in multiple roles on a national platform. This widespread experience in wire rope, hoisting and lifting applications saw her arrive at WireCo Australia in 2017 where she is currently servicing the Australian market as the National Cranes Division Manager. 

Within the significant expansion of its national network, WireCo also ensure when recruiting, the company seeks out highly experienced personnel with significant industry experience. This was shown with the onboarding of Adrian Paull, a well-known name in the Australian wire rope industry. This is a distinctive feature that sets WireCo Australia apart from the rest.

WireCo’s specialised rope services is supplied directly to all Australian industries. With a one stop shop related to cranes, mining, maritime, hoisting, synthetic and lifting products. WireCo Australia also ensures it has the ability to assist its valued clients and stakeholders with any support they may need when it comes to their hoisting applications and products. This is especially prevalent in WireCo’s crane rope division, according to Kath, because when it comes to cranes and lifting, it’s important to note that “not one rope or product design can complete every single task”.

“WireCo Australia stock a wide variety of Casar and Oliveria wire rope constructions, as every application is different,” she says. “We strive to ensure the correct choice of crane rope is selected from installation, this ensures minimal maintenance requirements once our specialised rope products are in service and their intended unmatched rope service life is fully achieved. Diameter, construction, lay, tensile grade, and finish all need to be carefully considered to match the application they are intended for.”

Further to its sales, WireCo also offers a range of specialized servicing options for customers utilising their Casar, Oliveria and WireCo Branded products. WireCo Australia ensures the availability of experienced staff for any post-sale and product support.

WireCo now offers a diverse range of crane wire rope services for the crane industry.
The Casar wire rope, WireCo’s “tier one” rope offering.

“Our highly experienced team will assist our customers through every facet of any challenge they may have with their applications,” says Kathryn. 

The reason for doing this, she says, is because in the crane rope industry challenges will always need solutions.  WireCo’s servicing team assists with locating the root cause of these challenges. As Kathryn says: “Other than just a supplier of products, we are also a ‘solutions provider’”.

To ensure the highest of quality solutions WireCo Australia’s services, supplied nationally provide utilising its NATA accredited facilities. Tony Duricin, WireCo’s National Mining Division and Services Manager, helps to assist with any specialised services required. 

Assembly of WireCo’s products as per customer specifications is also within the facility’s capabilities.  WireCo Australia has the ability to install and assemble wire rope end fittings in the form of ferrule secured thimble eyes, open and closed spelter sockets, WireCo’s resin buttons for all cranes, and hoisting applications. These products are also provided with NATA accredited certification.  This ensures not only the quality of the fitting’s installation and testing, but the certification to keep customers’ applications working as intended. 

WireCo Australia, formally known as Casar Australia and Lankhorst Euronete Australia, were amalgamated on January 01, 2021. This was to provide its customer network full access to the entire global brand and product range from a localised destination. WireCo Australia now encompasses the product ranges of Casar, Oliveira, Union, Camesa, Lankhorst, and Euronete. 

WireCo Australia’s direction is to ensure that its current and future valued client base knows that its high-quality product line and brands align with the new face of WireCo Australia. 

Further to branding changes, Kathryn Darr gives a further break down of the inner workings of WireCo Australia. 

”Our Crane division focuses on our two main stocked brands for the Tower Crane, Crawler Crane, Mobile Crane, Port Crane, Vessel Crane and Offshore cranes industry Nationally these well-known brands are the Casar and Oliveria product range.  WireCo Australia holds over 600 Tonne of crane ropes stock in our facility at and one given time.  This allows our facility to hold multiple rope diameters from 5mm – 54mm and above.  Our facility holds the longer lengths from 0 metres to 3000 metres in any individual length to service all applications.  We keep multiple constructions and specialised designs to service our national network and all available industries.”  

WireCo Australia holds an extensive range of top tier high quality Casar specialised wire ropes. Casar wire ropes are one of the most well-known German manufactured products seen in applications throughout Australia.  These products continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  The Casar product has continued to excel in regard to rope life longevity across all applications reducing customers maintenance costs and servicing needs.” 

Kathryn Darr is also proud that WireCo Australia has significantly increased its stock holding of the high quality Oliveira crane rope produced in Portugal.  Oliveria is one of  WireCo’s European manufactured options, also held in high regard by its customers as a cost effective product alternative. This product range has also allowed Kathryn Darr to increase the WireCo Australia product portfolio.

WireCo now offers a diverse range of crane wire rope services for the crane industry.
WireCo distributes a range of different international brands across the nation.


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