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Why real time reporting of lifting equipment inspections by specialists is important

Keeping up with compliance and tracking of lifting gear can sometimes seem like a complicated task; especially when times are busy, if operators rely on static lists from old inspections, or are forced to contact a third party to update asset records.

Ensuring lifting gear is inspected by trained specialist inspectors and ensuring they are using the latest mobile asset management software helps businesses stay compliant and safe.

Real time asset management systems allow service technicians to update equipment registers during the inspection process.  All data, including manufacturers information, location of the asset, when it was last inspected and whether it passed or failed, is all held in one central database.

This one central point of data can then be accessed at any time of the day, via a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

Andy Campbell, Bunzl Safety & Lifting’s technical manager spoke about the benefits of real time lifting asset reporting.

– Inspections, updates, and changes are immediate – businesses and their staff are kept up to date instantly once an item is inspected.

– Assets are more easily located – the location of an asset at the time it was inspected is recorded, making it easy to log in to the asset register to track and locate the equipment – especially if the business has several sites.

– Historical equipment data is stored – all previous equipment information, inspections, as well as any testing and repairs, can be accessed easily by required staff. This can be important if a safety incident does occur and reporting is required.

– Users have total control and visibility – real time asset management software provides the user with 24/7 control and visibility of their heavy lifting equipment assets and inspection records.

– Immediate notification if an asset fails an inspection – if an asset fails a periodic inspection, users are notified immediately. Notifications include photos of failures, asset details, and outcomes.

Utilising online asset management better protects equipment from being used when it has not been inspected.

For 50 years, Bunzl Safety & Lifting (previously Robertsons Lifting & Rigging) have been supplying, inspecting, testing, and repairing heavy lifting gear and were one of the first businesses in Australia to go fully electronic with equipment inspections as Campbell explains.

“The business now uses the latest state of the art Pervidi asset management system to record all inspections, test results and required repairs and outcomes,” Campbell said.

Bunzl Safety and Lifting currently manages over 350 ,000 assets over 1,980 customer sites on the locally supported Pervidi Asset Management System.  

Each asset also has the relevant Australian Standard linked to it for immediate and easy reference to safety guidelines. 

“Bunzl Safety & Lifting’s real time asset management database alerts users when compliance inspections are due and best of all, we contact our customers to arrange a suitable time and day for an inspection,” Campbell said.

As a full member of LEEA, all of their field testing Officers are LEEA trained and most branches are NATA accredited for testing of equipment to Australia Standards.

The most consistent way to avoid a safety incident is for all staff to recognise signs of equipment failure as well as ensuring periodic inspections by professionally trained inspectors is undertaken.  Bunzl Safety and Lifting can also provide training on safe lifting practices and as one of the largest suppliers of chain slings, hoists, wire rope, materials handling equipment, PPE and more, they are a one stop shop for crane and construction companies throughout Australia.

“With the recent construction boom across the country and the heavy workload allot of lifting equipment has been under, the slower months over the Christmas and New Year period is a very good time to ensure all assets are inspected by competent persons,” Campbell said.

To book an inspection of your heavy lifting equipment, including chain slings, soft slings, hoists, wire rope, height safety equipment, and accessories at any of Bunzl Safety and Lifting’s participating branches, phone 1800 967 573 or visit the Bunzl website.

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