Telehandler, West Australia

What do you get when you combine a crane and a telehandler? A Magni.

With sights firmly set on being the premier provider of innovative mobile lifting equipment for Australian mining, construction, and agriculture industries, MCT Equipment scours the globe for ground-breaking solutions for its customers.

One such game-changer is the market-leading 3-in-1 rotating telehandler (RTH) from Italian mover and shaker, Magni. A Magni RTH is not your average telehandler, it is so much more. Functioning as a 360° rotating telescopic handler, rough terrain crane, and aerial work platform, it is the ultimate in versatility and flexibility. It replaces the need for three separate machines, saving both time and money. 

 Able to service many applications with a single piece of machinery, its attachments are easily interchangeable and include buckets, clamps, forks, hooks, platforms, jibs, winches, and more. All models of the RTH (with lifting capacities from 4,000kg to 13,000kg) are equipped with an RFID automatic attachment recognition system and patented Q-Fit Quick Connect system to ensure safe pairing.

The RTH offers outstanding manoeuvrability with its front axle, 4-wheel drive, and crab steering settings, and compact outrigger footprint. Bolstering its ability to effortlessly lift and move in tight, hazardous spaces is its remote operation capabilities.

The Magni has a range of attachments that can be added.

The remote control allows the machine to be remotely operated from the ground or from a distance, with the same functionality as the cab. This in turn improves visibility and efficiency, reduces the number of operators required for the task, and mitigates potential risk. As a bonus feature, the remote control uses Bluetooth and can be used all over the world without limitations.

MCT Equipment and Magni have synchronised their business models in more ways than one, but a significant common thread is their pursuit of innovation. Whilst Magni strives for endless improvement through technology and quality, the team at MCT lives by their promise to “think different, lift different”. MCT has found that opportunity to provide a new and unique solution in the Magni RTH.

The Magni RTH is effortless, intuitive, versatile, and reliable. Furthermore, it is one of the safest machines on the market, thanks to its patented load control system that detects the risks of overload during use and inhibits further usage. With incredible lifting capacities and dizzying telescopic expansion and reach, they are a masterpiece in craftsmanship. Scan the QR code to watch how impressive the RTH is in action.

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