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WATM’s service trailblazing in the crane industry.

WATM's service in WA is setting new standards in the crane industry.

In the competitive landscape of crane sales and service, WATM’s service (Western Australian Truck and Machinery) has emerged as a true trailblazer. Setting new standards and garnering industry recognition for its exceptional services, WATM is revolutionising crane solutions one achievement at a time.

With a rich legacy spanning 50 Years, WATM has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and has proven itself as a reliable partner for crane solutions in Western Australia.

The 2023 Manitowoc Crane Refurbishment Award

In 2023, WATM achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious Manitowoc Crane Refurbishment Award. The award serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in crane refurbishment and maintenance. Manitowoc, a leading name in the crane manufacturing industry, bestows this recognition on companies that demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship and dedication in refurbishing their cranes to exceptional standards.

WATM’s expertise in crane refurbishment involves a meticulous process that includes thorough inspections, repairs and component replacements to ensure that the cranes operate at their optimal performance levels. This award serves as a validation of the company’s dedication to providing top-notch service and reinforces its position as a leader in the industry.

The refurbishment of the Manitowoc M16000 started in August 2022 and was completed in January 2023 and the process was painstakingly detailed.

The process 

This was a detailed project that needed to be highly organised. WATM dedicated personnel to the project from start to finish. The team colour coded, marked, tagged and took pictures of everything. They made “zones” for large areas and the work area was kept free of unnecessary traffic. 

The majority of this work was going on simultaneously. 

Taking the manufacturer’s recommendation into consideration and the customer’s concerns, the WATM team decided to replace approximately 95 per cent of the hoses. With damage caused through aging, sun and hydraulic oil temperature, over 200 hoses were removed, made and replaced. 

The WATM team pulled apart all three hoist drums, replacing five planetaries with brand new assemblies. Under the whip line the team colour coded and removed hoses from the top down to the bottom. They removed, cleaned and replaced O-rings for fittings and hard lines throughout the crane. 

The team marked, tagged and removed hoses, hard pipes and pumps. After removing all seven pumps, the WATM team removed the engine with the pump drive assembly and all pumps and motors were sent out for testing. 

The WATM team removed the pump drive assembly from the engine and found the shaft was worn at the pilot bearing. The team then disassembled the pump drive and had the shaft repaired. 

Before the engine assembly was reinstalled, the WATM team replaced the front and rear main seals and installed a new clutch assembly. They adjusted the overhead and installed a new valve cover gasket, replaced the water pump and thermostats and installed a new alternator and two new starters. The slew was removed for Non Destructive Testing.

The team removed and resealed the superstructure outrigger jack cylinders which were then tested several times to work out the air pressures. 

All electrical harnesses were replaced during the refurbishment process, which was finished safely, on time, under budget and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

WATM Managing Director Anthony Lazenby had this to say about the award. 

“This achievement was brought about by the commitment of the team involved, led by an experienced and accomplished female technician employed here at WATM. We believe that having a diverse workforce gives us a more rounded technical knowledge base for the whole team to learn from,” he said. 

“One of the key drivers behind our success is our dedication to recruiting and fostering talent within the business. We take pride in our comprehensive apprenticeship development program, which aims to nurture and train the next generation of crane technicians into industry professionals.

WATM's service in WA is setting new standards in the crane industry.
WATM’s apprenticeship program has been a great success for the organisation.

“The apprenticeship program at WATM provides aspiring individuals with hands-on experience and classroom training under the guidance of seasoned experts. By offering a structured learning environment, WATM equips these apprentices with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. 

“Currently our apprentice team of nine includes vehicle body builders, diesel mechanics and auto electricians, varying from junior to mature age with some completing their second trade qualification whilst at WATM. This commitment to nurturing talent not only benefits the apprentices but also ensures that WATM maintains a pool of skilled and qualified professionals to meet the demands of its ever-expanding clientele,” said Anthony.

Major Inspection programme for cranes

Safety and reliability are paramount in the crane industry, and WATM understands this importance wholeheartedly. To ensure the safety of its team and to prolong the operational life of its customers’ cranes, WATM offers a comprehensive Major Inspection Program.

Under this program, WATM’s certified technicians conduct detailed inspections of the cranes, focusing on critical components and potential wear and tear. The inspection process involves cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and advanced testing methodologies to identify any issues or risks proactively. Once the inspection is complete, the team at WATM provides clients with a comprehensive report outlining the crane’s condition and any recommended maintenance or repairs. Transparent communication between its customers and WATM is key to its success.

By availing the Major Inspection Program, customers can rest assured that their cranes are in top-notch condition, comply with industry regulations and adhere to the highest safety standards.

WATM not only completes major inspections on the Grove mobile cranes, but the program also includes Franna cranes, Hiab vehicle mounted cranes and hook lifts and Moffett branded forklifts.


WATM Crane Sales and Service has undoubtedly made its mark in the crane industry. Winning the 2023 Manitowoc Crane Refurbishment Award is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence, while its robust apprenticeship development program showcases its commitment to nurturing talent within the industry. The Major Inspection Program further underscores WATM’s focus on safety and reliability, ensuring that its clients’ cranes operate optimally and safely.

As the company continues to push boundaries and set new industry standards, it remains a dependable partner for crane solutions in Western Australia, reflecting its vision of revolutionising the crane industry, one achievement at a time.  

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