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VIDEO: Tadano AC 5.250-2 launched to the market

Tadano launches its new all-terrain crane, the Tadano AC 5.250-2.

Global crane manufacturer Tadano has launched its newest crane, the five-axle, 250-tonne Tadano AC 5.250-2, an improved version of the machine that debuted at Bauma last year.

The all-terrain crane was designed to combine easier transport and heavier lifting capacities, with a range of new updates to the machine enhancing its performance, comfort levels, and safety. According to Project Manager, Peter Kleinhans, the teamwork between the Lauf and Zweibrücken manufacturing yards enabled a successful design of the Tadano AC 5.250-2 to come to fruition.

“This kind of teamwork enabled us to take full advantage of,” he said, “and combine all the know-how and expertise from both our locations.”

The newest features on the upgraded Tadano AC 5.250-2 include 10-15 per cent higher lifting capacities across most lifting radii, with some configurations allowing for a 30 per cent increase in capacities. Capable of lifting 14.5 tonnes with its 70m boom fully extended at a radius of 12-to-24m, the machine is now the best in its class for height capacities. Furthermore, the machine can also lift 11 tonnes at its maximum operating radius of 42m – another instance where the new Tadano is best-in-show. Adding to the machine’s improved lifting capabilities is its HAV main boom extension, which allows the crane to reach heights of up to 112m.

The crane can pick up its total counterweight of 80 tonnes in three lifts: 49.6 tonnes with a full 360-degree radius of up to 6.2m followed by two lifts of 15.2 tonnes, with each split into 10 and 5.2 tonnes for mounting on the right and left of the base package. The counterweight can be split into smaller pieces as well, making it possible to pick up the 5.5-tonne base plate from up to 20.1m across the full radius.

“Thanks to the IC-1 Plus crane control system which comes as standard,” said Kleinhans, “the available radius can even be significantly increased at certain slewing angles.”


Other notable features on the new Tadano machine are its 12-tonne axle load, its IC-1 Plus crane control system, the ‘Surround. View’ camera system, and the ‘TailGuard’ option to maximise safety during travel by monitoring the area behind the crane with ultrasonic sensors.

In line with new and tougher environmental regulations, the Tadano AC 5.250-2’s Mercedes-Benz engine is a HVO-compatible diesel engine that meets the latest EU Stage V requirements. Furthermore, the machine also comes with ‘EcoMode’ and possesses a fuel-saving start-stop feature, with the system turning off the crane engine at the press of a button without deactivating the control software.

Tadano initially launched the machine at Bauma in 2022 with a tech demo and, according to the manufacturer, will be “perfect” for tower crane erection and for construction projects of all types.

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