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VIDEO – Cimolai gantry cranes assembled on Metronet

Cimolai gantry cranes are being assembled on the Metronet project in Perth.

The first of four Cimolai gantry cranes has arrived at the Armadale Line Transformation in Western Australia for the Metronet rail project.

With demolition recently being completed, the attention has now been turned to construction of the new viaduct structure, which was unofficially marked by the arrival of one of the specialised gantry cranes.

Imported from Italy and ordered through Cimolai’s local dealer, MCT Equipment, the 20m tall cranes possess a lifting capacity of 120 tonnes and will handle the majority of the 532 L-beams, 332 piers, and 155 headstocks that will construct the elevated rail structure for the Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal project.

The Cimolai gantry cranes themselves will operate in pairs after the preparation for the viaduct structure has been completed. Following a community competition, the cranes were named Victor, Becky, Yira, and Kediny – the latter two of which are Noongar words meaning ‘carry’ and ‘high’.

Assembly of the first gantry crane required support from multiple teams, with crews from MCT Equipment, Boom Logistics, and Tutt Bryant among the plethora of teams spotted working on site to erect the 20m tall machine.

MCT Equipment announced its partnership with Italian manufacturer Cimolai technology midway through 2023, labelling the move as a “game-changer”.

Metronet is the single largest investment in public transport that Perth has seen, planning to lay down approximately 72km of new passenger rail, erect 23 new train stations, and morph 8000 hectares of land around new stations into “desirable places to live, work and play”.


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