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Verton Technologies’ SpinPod providing safety, stability, and precision

Verton Technologies SpinPod series provides revolutionary gyroscopic, load-stabilising technology.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, and solving critical lifting issues world-wide, Verton is revolutionising crane safety and precision through the development of innovative technologies such as Verton Technologies SpinPod series designed to keep loads stable, increase productivity, and remove personnel from the line of fire. 

Founded in 2014 by CEO and experienced engineer, Stan Thomson, Verton is committed to enhancing lifting operations around the globe. The company’s focus is on integrating traditional engineering protocols with digital and disruptive technologies to unlock improvements in safety and productivity associated with crane performance for the offshore, mining, oil and gas, renewable, and infrastructure industries.

Over the last decade, Verton has garnered a colossal amount of support for developing the world’s first remote-controlled load management system. The ingenious gyroscopic technology creates an output torque that can precisely control and rotate loads in either direction, making crane operations safer, more stable, and more precise. 

With Stan Thomson at the helm, Verton is devoted to continual improvements in their product range and offerings. They have already redeveloped their signature product, the SpinPod 7.5, that initially secured their place as qualified players in the crane industry.

Creator of Verton Technologies SpinPod series, CEO Stan Thomson.
Company founder and CEO, Stan Thomson.

“A 20-tonne lifting beam was the first generation of our equipment,” says Stan. “The second generation delivers 25% more capacity with a significantly improved control system. We have added a hold function, along with other capabilities that the original machine lacked, making it more reliable now.”

Building on the capabilities seen in the original Verton Technologies SpinPod, Verton now boasts the SpinPod 30 (SP30), which has four times the power of the SP7.5. The SP30 is capable of controlling loads up to 200 tonnes when used in pairs, while also increasing efficiency between 30-400%. 

“The third generation is four times more capable, jumping from 25 to 100 tonnes,” Stan continues. “Both the second and third generation technologies have the ability to be paired together to increase the capability. So, with the second generation, you can potentially manage 50 tonnes, and then with the third generation, you can potentially manage 200 tonnes.”

The success of Verton has been no mean feat; it has taken the continual commitment of hard work, skill, mathematics, and science by a talented team of professionals, guided by an innovator whose successful career span nearly five decades. 

Stan started his career as an engineer at an iron ore construction site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia back in 1978. From there, his career took him across Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, as well as overseas, putting the learnings of his Mechanical Engineering degree to work.

After working in a range of diverse industries such as beef abattoirs, plantation forestry, and steel foundries, Stan moved back into construction in the late 90’s. He then found himself in various management roles working on multimillion and multibillion-dollar projects in Australia and around the world with Thiess, where he would go on to stay for 11 years. During his employment at Thiess, Verton’s future CEO observed their strong safety policies and practices, and through his hard work and quiet observation, Stan arrived at the formative stage of creating Verton Technologies.

After leaving Thiess, with a background in engineering, project management, developing automated solutions to customer problems, possessing an innovative personality, and bearing a desire to make work safer for those handling heavy loads, Verton was born. 

Following a close examination of the international markets, Stan concluded that gyroscopic load-stabilising technology was the answer and launched his own widely patented system.

Whether it be meeting the original challenge advanced by the Smithbridge Group for handling pre-cast concrete or creating innovative solutions to the many multi-faceted offshore challenges, Stan is confident that Verton’s technologies can stand up to any load or environment they are exposed to.

Verton Technologies SpinPod series provides revolutionary gyroscopic, load-stabilising technology.
Verton’s SpinPod 30, the third generation in the Everest Series

“In the mining industry, we know our products will add considerable value in shutdowns, handling heavy mining equipment, process equipment, and conveyor belts – whether they’re big or small,” says Stan.

“In infrastructure, we see our products expanding into bridge beams, panels, and other major lifts. We’re in a strong position of flexibility thanks to our second and third-generation products being able to combine for bigger loads.”

Ultimately, for Stan and the team at Verton Technologies, it comes down to three central principles that define how they are moving lifting forward: Safety, Stability, and Precision. 


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