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Verton Everest 6 delivers during mining shutdown

Verton’s Everest 6 was recently deployed during a mine shut down for Roy Hill Mining in Western Australia. Results were impressive with the shutdown finishing three days ahead of schedule.

The mine shut down included the removal and replacing of 35 transformers each weighing 18 tonnes. Major challenges included very tight access to perform the transformer lifts, with the use of taglines being problematic due to the restricted space. These tight spaces would have meant riggers holding taglines within the drop zone and placed in pinch points, to orientate each transformer into place.

Roy Hill used Verton’s Everest 6 self-contained lifting beam, which uses gyroscopically generated torque to rotate and control suspended loads, making the shutdown safer and faster. The Everest 6 was able to perform the complex lifts with ease and superior orientation control via one trained operator using the wireless handheld remote. Performing a `hands free` lift from a safe distance away from the potential drop zone, Verton’s load orientation technology ensured workers were able to stay well away from direct contact with the load.

With this solution Roy Hill was able to save three days on their shutdown. The Everest 6 reduced hook time by 50% and down time by 25%. There were also huge advantages in terms of safety as there was no need for taglines during the lift and Verton’s Everest 6 kept the riggers out of harms’ way during lifting operations. The riggers observed the Everest 6 was a great asset to have when rigging in confined areas and they commented on how it made for easy rigging and de-rigging at heights due to the bar being able to be kept in a stable position above the load.


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