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Unshackling their potential: ASDO reveal new lifting range

German-based high strength steel forgers Anker Schroeder (ASDO) have launched a new range of heavy lifting shackles.

Ranging from 85 to 1500 tonne capacity, the shackles come in three different sizes: heavy duty (HD), heavy super (HS), and heavy polar (HP), and are now colour coded to represent their branding.

Having manufactured large shackles for over 60 years, this series will be the first feature the ASDO brand embossed on the bow and display their corporate colours of orange for the HS range, blue for the HP range, and the standard silver colour for their HD range.

“When we take the heated steel out of the furnace it glows orange, and the blue is the colour of our overalls and representative of our engineering heritage since conception in 1920,” said ASDO director Ralf Römmerman.

“We produce high-quality shackles, starting from sourcing the best quality material through the zero-waste forging process, finishing with the extensive inspection and testing scope of the end product.”

With the shackles set to feature heavily in the crane and manufacturing industries, they possess the ability to combine with a machine’s load monitoring technology and below-hook equipment.

With deliveries already set to hit North American, Latin American and Asian Pacific shores, managing director of ASDO Daniel Schroeder said that the company “rarely” sold directly to the market “historically”, instead preferring to manufacture for “project specific requirements”.

“ASDO has both the high manufacturing capacity and the processes to cope with anticipated high demand from the offshore wind energy sector, even to short lead times, in an industry that can endure supply chain bottlenecks,” he said.

“To that end, we adhere to principles preserved in a century of history in heavy forging that spans four generations of what we call here in Germany, a ‘Mittelstand’ (successful in enduring economic times) business.”

Supplied with a split pin to prevent the nut turning beyond the safety point, ASDO’s shackles have also been fully assessed in-house via a finite element analysis, with the results supported by physical testing during its approval processes.

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