Unfiltered access with new Franna runner option

The new runner option from Franna creates higher lift points where low headroom is an issue.

Matherson Crane Hire has been working with the engineering team at Franna for over 12 months on this project and are very happy with the outcome.

The latest innovation from Franna® is here! The new runner option has been designed to create a higher lift point when the crane is operating in an area of low head room. The runner is adjustable and is designed for use with a swivel hook or with a sheave on 1/2 falls.

The runner hook and sheave option has been developed by the Franna engineering team as a result of customer feedback. Michael Atherden, Principal Engineer at Franna explains.

“This design project is a great example of working directly with our customers to develop innovative solutions which help them overcome the challenges they face in the industry. Since the initial prototype, we have significantly increased the available capacity of the runner, particularly in swivel hook operation. We are pleased to bring this option to market and look forward to working on more customer-led solutions in the future,” he said.

Key operational benefits include:

  • Interchangeable between MAC 25 & AT 40 units with lower arm change
  • Three configurations to gain hook height
  • Runner with swivel hook – MRC 18t
  • Runner with sheave 1/2 falls MRC 4.2t /8.4t
  • Easily retrofittable to existing machines

Wayne Matherson, Managing Director of Matherson Crane Hire & CICA QLD Chairman commented.

“We have been working with the engineering team at Franna for over 12 months on this project and we are very happy with the outcome. This small jib can be used in conjunction with the fall block or a fixed hook and its’ purpose is to greatly improve the head height clearance in restricted situations. It has many applications but so far, we have installed machining equipment in low doorways, reduced customer down time by replacing furnace doors without the need to remove ventilation hoods above and installed Gantry cranes up on their rails with great ease and success,” he said.

Matherson continued “It was an absolute pleasure working with the Franna team to produce this very cool and very useful attachment for our 25t Frannas.”

Contact your local Franna service department for a retrofit estimate.



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