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UAA – the sensible choice for crane insurance

Lindores Construction and Logistics is one of South East Queensland’s major operators of tower and mobile cranes. Managing Director, Chris Lindores speaks his integrated crane business and how UAA plays a critical role in providing the right levels of insurance across the entire organisation.

Lindores has been in the crane industry since he was a child. He is a member of the ‘Lindores Family Crane Dynasty’ which is synonymous with Queensland’s crane sector.

“From a young age, I worked in the family business. I was mentored by my father and uncles who were running the business until it was ultimately sold and became part of QUBE logistics, as we know it today.

“I was encouraged to learn the fundamentals of the business from the ground up and worked my way through various parts of the business, from an apprentice through to QLD sales manager.

“In 2009, I launched Lindores Construction and Logistics with a 25t Franna which we used to move site sheds around. The business grew and we began supplying specialist tower crane crews and from there we moved on to providing tower cranes. Today, we run a staff level of around 90 people, prominently for our own fleet of 30 tower cranes and 10 mobile cranes.

The tower crane fleet features late model technologically advanced Electric and Diesel Favelle Favcos ranging from the M60R recovery crane up to the Favelle Favco M630D, supported by a range other models including Comedil and Liebherr electric cranes, says Lindores.

“We also have a range of high speed  tower cranes in the 25t and 50t capacity range including the cranes which built the Burj Khalifa. Late last year we added our 3rd M630D to our fleet.

“Our back yard is South-East Queensland, and we predominantly operate in this region, however, we have completed projects up and down the east coast and as far west as the Mt Isa mines where we are currently working on a long term  contract with Glencore on the copper  smelter.

“Our diverse mobile crane fleet ranges from the Maeda MC305 mini crane through to the 25t and 28t Frannas and then into the Liebherrs all terrains which range from 55t capacity to the 350t capacity . Last month, we purchased the first Liebherr LTM 1150 5.3 150t capacity all terrain to arrive in the country” said Lindores.

With a broad range of tower and mobile cranes, comes  a risk profile, Lindores explains why UAA is the sensible choice as an insurance underwriter.

“Our insurance is through UAA. Every company has a high-risk profile with mobile cranes and road risk liabilities and with tower cranes connected to the side of buildings next to freeways, these operations also have high levels of risk. UAA is completely familiar with our industry and partnering the business with UAA is a massive benefit for organisations like ours. UAA understand our day to day operations and how we do business,” he said.

Lindores explains how he works with UAA when it comes to including new cranes on the policy and ensuring the business has the right levels of insurance covering the high risk work undertaken.

“The liability limits, including public liability and product liability limits are discussed and details disclosed with UAA. A lot of the minimum requirements come from our principal contractors in terms of what they require as part of there direct head contractual requirements.

“Obviously, we have to make sure we have the right levels of protection in case something does go wrong. You want a level of comfort and reassurance you are not left covering the difference between a second hand crane and a replacement one,” he said.

“We started with UAA in 2010 and we were with them until 2016. “We examined the alternate market options and sought something different for a couple of years. What we did find, is the service and the insurance coverage offered by UAA, compared to other insurance companies, is seamless,” he said.

“UAA has a depth of understanding and is capable of the tailoring premium and protection levels for our business and our individual assets and this can only come from a crane hire expert in insurance. UAA can tailor the premiums to suit the equipment you are operating and not just provide a ‘blanket policy’ for the industry, which is what we were finding with other insurance providers.

“I had a discussion with George Grasso, UAA Group – Chief Claims and Service Officer and following this conversation we were back on board with UAA to continue our relationship with them and we are more than happy to have done so,” said Lindores.

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