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Two Way Cranes’ new Grove arrives

Two Way Cranes recently took delivery of the new five axle Grove GMK5150XL.

The Grove GMK5150 XL all-terrain crane provides increased capacity and a boom length that surpasses cranes in the 160-200t class. This new model redefines the five-axle, 150t class by offering almost 69 m of main boom. 

At 68.7 m it can handle 8.1t, at 66 m and it lifts 9.4t and at approximately 60 m it lifts an incredible 12.7t. These load charts are truly unmatched in the market. The GMK5150XL crane’s taxi charts are also best in class, ensuring easy roadability and transport savings. In addition, interchangeable counterweight slabs with all Grove 150t cranes simplifies logistics and handling.

Furthermore, its flexible range of counterweight configurations enable setups tailored to different market needs. Taxi configurations start from just 1t of counterweight for 10t per axle. For configurations maintaining 12t per axle, the GMK5150XL can carry up to 10.2t of counterweight. Also, the heavy roadable counterweight configuration (16.5t/axle) makes it possible to drive with an outstanding 30.9t of counterweight on board boom over front where site conditions allow.

The new Grove model boasts compact dimensions that other five-axle cranes can only dream of. At just 2.75m wide, it can effortlessly access the narrowest of jobsites, and with MAXbase, optimising crane setup and lifting position is efficient and easy. 

Neil Hollingshead, Sales Director, Mobile Cranes, Manitowoc Cranes Australia had this to say about the new GMK515XL.

The Grove GMK5150XL redefines the five-axle, 150t class by offering almost 69 m of main boom.

“The XL is designed to complement and not replace the GMK5150L-1 which has proved to be a really popular crane in Australia, with over 60 units delivered already. We see the boom length being the real game changer with this model. The GMK5150XL is the new benchmark in 5 axle boom, over front cranes, with the longest boom and lightest axle weights in the sub 220t class.

“This crane is ideal for tower crane erection and also reduces the need to fit the fly due to its extra-long boom, simplifying logistics, reducing setup time and increasing safety. When that additional fly length is needed, the total boom system length can reach up to 99m with hydraulic luffing and an integral 33t capacity panel jib,” he said.

The GMK5150XL comes with the new generation of Grove carrier cabs, providing increased operator comfort and convenience.  The new carrier cab design seats the operator an extra 235mm away from the centerline, enhancing visibility and manoeuvrability. 

Frank Zammit from Two Way Cranes is pleased to be the receiving the first GMK5150XL in the country. 

“When I first heard about specifications on the new GMK5150XL, I was impressed and wanted to make a bit of statement by ordering and receiving the first one in the country. All crane companies are looking for a competitive edge and we are no different at Two Way Cranes.  To have a crane with such a massive reach, on a small footprint will suit the type of work we do. As the construction industry bounces back, we can already see a tremendous amount of tower crane work coming up and the extra boom is going to be ideal for this.

“I’m really impressed with the main boom at 69m (68.7m) which is the longest boom below models in the 220t class and because it is over the front of the crane it runs without a dolly. When you add the 30.2m fly jib you have 99m of unmatched reach for this class of crane,” he said.

Highlights of the GMK5150 XL (69m boom) include:

 22m hydraulic luffing fly with integral 33t panel jib – improves logistics and setup time 

 8.1t capacity on full 68.7m boom length 

 50t GVM for roading in all states

 10.2t counterweight at 60t GVM

 Counterweights, interchangeable with all Grove 150t and fly inserts compatible with GMK5250XL

 Latest GMK carrier Cab

 CCS and MAXbase isometric outrigger settings

The new Grove model boasts compact dimensions that other five-axle cranes can only dream of.

With the introduction of EUROMOT 5, all Grove all-terrain cranes can be operated with HVO diesel that enables CO2 emission reductions of up to 90 per cent. New opportunities to tender for eco or government projects where impeccable green credentials are often required are now possible.

The new generation of Grove cranes deliver a level of performance that was not previously thought possible from cranes in this class. All new Grove GMK’s entering the Australian market are now fitted with Grove’s industry leading Telematics system, Grove Connect, which replicates all the data from the crane remotely for outstanding product support and fleet management. 

Grove Connect is setting the new standard for remote diagnostic support and operational transparency.  The system is very robust and will soon have remote updates and repairs capabilities. 

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