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Two Liebherr cranes deployed for offshore lifting

Liebherr offshore cranes BOS 2600 get purchased for offshore deployment.

Two new offshore Liebherr BOS 2600 cranes have been acquired by an integrated energy company located in Canada.

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Set to be immediately deployed on an FPSO unit operating off the coast of Newfoundland, the cranes are characterised by their “reliability” and “versatility”, according to a release from the manufacturer.

The cranes are set to replace two obsolete Compact Board Offshore cranes that have been in operation since 2006. The BOS 2600 series possesses a maximum reach of up to 60m and a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes, meaning the crane lends itself well for dynamic lifting when servicing platforms, jack-up platforms, or drilling rigs.

The BOS 2600 features a modular design with standardised components for maximum reliability, such as the overload protection system and Liebherr Litronic.

“We always strive to meet our customer’s needs,” said Stefan Schneider, Global Application Manager General Purpose Offshore Cranes. “We have been able in developing a customised solution that focuses on ease of maintenance without compromising on other aspects.”

Liebherr has also designed the BOS 2600 with a range of technical improvements to successfully navigate harsher offshore environments. This includes a unique design providing enhanced stability, the slewing platform containing the A-frame, cabin, luffing winch, and machine housing that, in turn, is composed of durable steel parts and holds the drive unit, oil tank and control cabinets. According to Liebherr, the focus for these cranes was on ease of maintenance due to the rough weather conditions encountered in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, the BOS 2600 units being deployed to Newfoundland are the byproduct of close collaboration between the German manufacturer and Canadian customer to further optimise maintenance. Some of the innovations include a drop hatch specially designed for the cranes to repair or replace the main winch, walk-in facilities to simplify operating processes, platform installation to change the windscreen wipers, and the use of a staircase instead of ladders.

According to Erwin O’Brien, Product Support Manager from Liebherr Canada, the cooperation between the two parties reflected “excellent collaboration”.

“We can use our international presence to provide our customer with excellent solutions,” he said. “Seamless communication, strong relationships within the Liebherr network, coupled with excellent customer service, are the key to providing the customer with an unforgettable customer experience.”

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