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TRT launches crane tyre inflation system in Australia

TRT has unveiled a new central tyre inflation (CTI) system ideal for cranes in Australia and New Zealand.

TRT has unveiled a new central tyre inflation (CTI) system ideal for cranes in Australia and New Zealand.

The system, called E Series Traction Air, has undergone two and a half years of research and development based in Scandinavia.

It is ideal for cranes that have variable tyre pounds per square inch (PSI) depending on operating and ground temperature, load size, operating surfaces and more.

Pressure control options enables automatic management from the cab of the crane and can inflate or deflate to maintain a constant PSI. This helps save the crane operator time and is exclusively available on TRT’s new TID PC28.

The E-Series has also been designed for prime movers used for transporting cranes to and from construction sites.

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Traction Air was developed more than 22 years ago, with the first units installed on road trains in the Australian Outback. Since then, it has been installed on more than 4000 vehicles throughout the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region.

TRT National Sales Manager, Gavin Halley, said the company began looking at CTI around four years ago in Scandinavia.

“With some of the most extreme operating environments, we wanted to understand how, and if, Traction Air could be adapted for any condition.”

“With a bit of TRT blue sky thinking, an investment in research, development and product testing in NZ and Sweden over the past two and a half years, we have created a brand-new CTI system with greater capabilities, that integrates with the vehicle using a common BUS protocols.

“This new CTI system is designed for European conditions, which has a direct spinoff for our loyal local customers.”

The new system has multi-channel options ranging from single axle to drive, steer and trailer axle solutions.

Allowances have been made in the design to allow it to be interfaced with the vehicle and other third-party applications in the future.

“This new system does not replace the current system the G Series,” Halley said.

“This is a new option for our customers to consider. While some fleets may choose to migrate to the new E Series, we will be fully supporting both systems for the foreseeable future.”

TRT will make the new system available to Australian and New Zealand customers in the coming months.

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