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Trimble’s intelligent crane lifting solutions

With the theme LIFT WITH CONFIDENCE, Trimble offers lifting solutions that integrate load monitoring and crane indication while improving safety by aiding crane operators. Andy Oliveira, lifting solution sales specialist for SITECH WA explains more.

“In the early 2000s, Trimble made a number of acquisitions involving technology companies focused on the construction sector. With the acquired technology, Trimble was able to offer a range of solutions for both construction equipment and the crane sector designed to enhance efficiency and safety. In 2014, Trimble launched the lifting solutions portfolio for the crane sector.

“Being a technology company, Trimble is constantly developing and evolving its solutions to meet market demands. Increasingly, we are seeing crane hire businesses implementing technology-based solutions designed to enhance the performance of their crane fleets,” said Andy Oliveira, lifting solutions sales specialist for SITECH WA. Oliveira explains how the Trimble crane lifting solutions work and how they can benefit any crane operation.

“By using Trimble’s diverse wireless product line including a range of load cells which are placed on various sections of the crane, Trimble’s crane lifting solutions can reliably monitor several kinds of load data at once, optimising lifting and movement and providing real time load management information for the operator. Understanding the nature of the lifting industry, the various elements of system are engineered and built to operate in the most rugged and demanding of environments,” he said.

“With load cells attached to the hook block or the jib itself, the system will provide information on how high or low the operator has to take the load and it also indicates if the operator is taking risks with lift. Trimble’s market-proven technology gives crane operators the tools to improve safety on the jobsite,” he said.

Typically, the communication range for the system can be up to 1,300 meters and the technology can simultaneously monitor up to 32 sensors, depending on display model installed in the cab. Trimble lifting solutions protect equipment by reducing the risk of an on- site accident and also promote operator awareness by providing real-time load information.

Trimble’s crane instrumentation is as versatile as the crane and lifting equipment. It utilises Trimble’s wireless technology in a range of applications, including:

Monitor the load with chart data programmed into the display, with sensors triggering audible and visual alarms as the operator reaches the rated capacity. In severe high-wind risk areas, the Trimble system aids the operator in adjusting lifts based on wind speed and wind gust measurements.

Avoid accidents caused by two-block incidents in offshore applications using hazardous-area certified systems, alerting the operator when the hook block approaches the boom tip.

Software Solutions

While the use of operator aids is important to overall jobsite safety, Trimble technology also allows fleet owners and site managers to download and review event data in the office using Trimble software solutions.

Trimble’s Dashboard Software enables users to monitor sensor data on a desktop computer or laptop, featuring a customizable graphic display. Using the Data Logger Viewer Software, view data logs in the case of an incident to review any alarms or alerts that may have occurred during and beforehand.

Trimble lifting solutions displays and sensors include intrinsically safe options for hazardous areas and certifications that meet or exceed jobsite requirements.

Trimble multi-sensor displays feature extensive data logging and load chart capabilities for increased efficiency.

The Trimble can provide various sized load cells and sensors depending on the size of the crane and the boom. All the items are sold separately which enable the customer to design a customised lifting solution.

Oliveria explains how this technology will assist crane hire businesses with safety compliance issues when working on major infrastructure projects and Tier One construction sites. He also explains how the SITECH network will support Trimble lifting solutions nationally. “We are hearing from crane companies all the time because they are being asked to comply with safety-related issues when they are tendering for work on these major projects. This technology will help them show the major builders they have the right technological solution in place to comply with all safety regulations.

“SITECH WA is the leading provider of GPS-related construction products and Trimble LOADRITE scales in Western Australia. Support is a key feature of our product offering. We work with large organisations which have come to rely on our advice in terms of providing the best solutions for their businesses.

“We support our product wherever it is operating and some of these large organisations will have equipment operating in the middle of nowhere. Our fully trained service technicians support and solve any issues and we will get them to remote areas as quickly as possible if required.

“Our SmartTech network of organisations operate up and down the East Coast where we have operations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. Our technicians in the SmartTech network are factory trained and fully understand the implications of the technology and the applications they are likely to be working in. Many have been working on large pieces of construction equipment, including cranes, for the last 20 years, so within our network, we have the experience to implement and support the right Trimble solution for any crane and lifting operation,” said Oliveria.



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