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Townsville Cranes’ dual lift keep locomotives on track

Working closely with their client Westlink Logistics, Townsville Cranes completed a series of dual lifts involving 70t train locomotives and 16.5t train bogies.

Townsville Cranes deployed its new Tadano Demag AC300-6 300t capacity all terrain and Liebherr LTM 1220-5 220t capacity all terrain for the series of dual lifts.

Sam Millar, General Manager at Townsville Cranes explains more.

“We deployed our new 300t Tadano/Demag AC300-6 and 220t Liebherr LTM 1220-5 for the project which involved a total of three lifts each day. The locomotives, weighing 70t and train bogies, weighing 16.5t arrived on floats. The main lifts involved the lifting and placing of the locomotive body onto the relevant bogies. Each lift took between 8-9 hours including setup,” said Sam.

“For each lift, the 300t capacity AC300-6 was configured with 26.7t of counterweight and the 220t capacity Liebherr with 44t of counterweight. The pick and place radius was at 9 meters for both cranes, and both cranes were boomed up to allow the bogies to be moved into position and then boomed down to land the locomotive onto the bogies,” he said.

In terms of percentage of charts both cranes were lifting at 78% capacity for the dual lift. The Liebherr has a chart of 61T at that radius and counterweight setting and the AC300 has a chart of 60.8T at that radius and counterweight setting.

Townsville Cranes supplied all the rigging for the lifts down to the locomotive lifters. The rigging included two custom made spreader bars which are rated at 65t Working Load Limit, says Sam.

“The custom-made spreader bars were designed and manufactured in Townsville specifically for Townsville Cranes. Wherever possible, we like to utilise our own rigging systems for our lifts. To ensure the lifts went smoothly, lift studies and lift plans were all part of the planning and we worked closely with Westlink Logistics throughout the planning process.

“Townsville Cranes has the most experienced and professional team which enables us to deliver such a project in full and on time. We are also the only crane company in the region with a 300t capacity all terrain, providing us with a significant competitive edge,” he said.

“Townsville Cranes uses a combination of CRANEbee, Liccon and Demag lift studies to ensure that all possible combinations and scenarios are planned for. Both the cranes performed flawlessly throughout the lift. As far as Townsville Cranes is concerned, both Tadano and Liebherr cranes are super reliable cranes and the customer support and service we receive from both companies is of critical assistance across the lifespan of these machines,” said Sam.

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