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TIDD pick and carry crane excels for McLeod Cranes

McLeod Cranes deployed its TIDD PC28-2 pick and carry crane, made by TRT, on a road infrastructure project in New Zealand.

McLeod Cranes and Hiabs has deployed its TIDD PC28-2 pick and carry crane on a roadworks project in Waikato, New Zealand, to manoeuvre road safety barriers.

Putting the large concrete slabs into place to help facilitate roadworks on New Zealand’s No.1 Motorway, the Bay of Plenty and Waikato crane hire company labelled the machine as a “great tool” in a social media post, reserving special praise for the crane’s ‘Slew Safe’ feature.

The TIDD PC28-2 possesses a 28-tonne lifting capacity, positioning the machine among the leaders for pick and carry options on-site. The machine is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM906 six-cylinder, 6.4 litre, turbocharged, inter-cooled 205 kW diesel engine. The crane possesses a full-power, four-section telescopic boom and holds a width of only 2.5m and a 44-degree articulation, making it the most manoeuvrable pick and carry crane on the market according to a press release from its manufacturer, TRT.

Furthermore, the crane features a 75 per cent stationary lifting chart, and a 66 per cent pick and carry chart that can be enhanced by 12 per cent using the machine’s optional 1.1-tonne superlift counterweight option. On the safety front, TRT’s TIDD PC28-2 possesses a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) style cabin that recently came in for effusive praise from national construction company AWCON’s Andrew Ison, while also speaking highly of TRT’s trademarked ‘Slew Safe’ feature, a “critical safety component included with all TIDD PC28-2 Cranes”, according to the manufacturer.

The ‘Slew Safe’ feature is an in-cabin indicator of the crane’s load capacity, featuring red, amber, and green lights. If the machine enters the red zone, the Slew Safe will be activated, reducing the speed of the steering to 15 per cent, making turning the steering wheel harder, a ‘loaded up engine’ that makes an audible sound change, and a constant alarm going off inside and outside the cabin to warn of overload.

To learn more about TRT’s TIDD Cranes, visit: https://www.tiddcranes.com.au/.


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