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TIDD Crane – The Support Story

TRT recently announced the appointment of experienced equipment and crane distributor Ronco Group, as its new TIDD dealer for Western Australia.

TRT recently announced the appointment of experienced equipment and crane distributor Ronco Group, as its new TIDD dealer for Western Australia.

TRT has appointed a new TIDD Crane dealer in Western Australia to support the growth of the TIDD Crane and the increasing number of TIDD Crane customers based in the state. The appointment of the new dealer also caters for customers that prefer both the local dealer relationship and a relationship with the OEM, Tidd Ross Todd Limited (TRT). Creating great relationships enables dialogue, ensuring the continuous improvement philosophy that underpins the TIDD Crane development, remains – and the focus on people, through safety, stays at the heart of it all. Safety also looks to be at the heart of the decisions now being made by Tier One operations.

New Dealer: New Focus for TIDD Crane

TRT has appointed Ronco Group PTY Ltd (Ronco) as the new TIDD Crane dealer for Western Australia. TRT will manage sales in South Australia with experienced service support from local service agents, RMB Service Group, maintaining TIDD Crane’s Australia wide support network.

“We are pleased to be working with Robert Smith and the team at Ronco,” says Bruce Carden, TRT’s director of sales and innovation. “This is a strategic decision to enable the continued growth of the TIDD Crane in WA, especially within the Mining and Infrastructure sectors, with a company that has experience with Pick and Carry Cranes, extensive industry knowledge unique to WA and a high standard of after sales support and service.”

Bruce adds, “As an OEM manufacturer, we want to ensure that TIDD Crane customers are supported and that they can still retain a relationship with TRT, the Crane OEM. Ronco are that collaborative and committed partner that we know will deliver on this promise.”

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Robert Smith, managing director of Ronco agrees, “We already have an extensive range of cranes and the TIDD just finishes the line up with outstanding quality, safety and commitment by the TRT team. So, to partner TRT with the Tidd product is a great opportunity.”

Based in Perth, Ronco support the Construction and Mining sectors with crane and equipment sales, service, repairs and parts. They have 12 factory trained crane technicians to support customers. Robert adds “The commitment of TRT to their customers and product support is unmatched. TRT are investing in sending a technician for a number of weeks, including quarantine, for hands on training where all other OEM’s are conducting video training through COVID.”

TIDD Crane Service and Support

Service, parts and support is critical for all pick and carry cranes. The nature of their operation requires them to be active and working, with less downtime compared to their larger roadable counterparts. Any new TIDD PC28 owner needs to trust that a dealer and OEM will act then and there.

“We are proud of our focus on service and support for TIDD Crane customers, this has been part of the consistent feedback and messaging from the industry. We chose partners like Baden Davis Crane Connection in NSW and Ronco, that aligns to TRT’s expectation and own high level of service and support, as both an OEM manufacturer and support provider. Our dealers and service agents across Australia have stellar reputations for delivering great support to customers, going above and beyond, to keep operations moving,” says Bruce.

We ask Bruce what delivering great support means, “Great customer support is simple. It’s having technicians available and available where you need them, it’s having factory trained experienced technicians that can deliver on time and it’s ensuring that you have stock of OEM genuine parts readily available. Great support means that there are knowledgeable experts at the end of a phone to help trouble shoot and being available outside of business hours, because, let’s face it, in this industry, it’s not 8am to 5pm. We believe, it also includes access to the OEM at all times. It is what we expect of ourselves and of our dealers”.

Robert Smith agrees, “Ronco has always made service its main focus, we have built a business on understanding its value to customers. We offer services and equipment at fair prices and are always prepared to go that extra mile, wherever possible.

TIDD Crane owners can be assured that we are committed to the product, training our team of specialists and ensuring that customers have the best ownership experience possible. If they are in a remote location, we offer phone support, we can dispatch a technician after consultation, or if required, dispatch our own low loader with experienced technician to assist recovery. We may even be able to provide a replacement crane to keep our TIDD customer’s business on the move.”

Unapologetic Focus on Safety

“When we talk about the TIDD Crane, we always explain the fact that this is the safest pick and carry crane in Australia. We are proud to challenge the entrenched standards and pushing other OEM manufacturers to be thinking the same way. We [TRT] have never been afraid to lead from the front in the Transport, Mining and Construction sectors, some of our most recent technology advancements, like the ESS House and Platform trailers, show this as well” says Bruce.

Robert Carden, TRT’s technical director explains, “From the very first concept designs, safety has been the real focus, not only for TIDD, but for TRT product development as a whole. This also means that we are focused on aligning with dealers and partners that share those same values, where we can collaborate, working with our growing number of TIDD crane customers as a team and meeting industry safety expectations, with good operation efficiencies, while not compromising on performance.”

The large mining and infrastructure operations are even more focused on the health and safety of their people. This is resulting in tangible business for TIDD Crane customers and a shift in focus to the wellbeing of people in our industry.

“Cranecorp Australia, located throughout WA, specialises in wet and dry crane hire services across the mining, energy and construction industries. They have added six new TIDD PC28 units to their fleet, which will be delivered from November 2020. The unparalleled safety features were key criteria in this decision, as the safety innovations were also the preference a number of their Tier ONE resource companies.”

Robert Carden continues, “In confined spaces, construction and infrastructure operations and underground mining, fall hazards are a high risk and all places where pick and carry cranes operate regularly. TRT’s most recent innovation in safety is the certified FOPS (Falling Objects Protection System), while retaining the top view wide glass for increased load visibility. This works in tandem with the standard TIDD certified ROPS cabin, exclusive to TIDD pick and carry cranes.”

Robert Smith concludes, “I believe that the TIDD crane will become the pick and carry crane of choice for mining, construction, maintenance and hire companies through its enhanced safety features. TRT have put operator and site safety as a priority, as it should be.

Companies have an obligation to provide all workers with the safest environment possible, this includes in higher risk assets like Pick and Carry Cranes. Since becoming a Dealer in October, we have had a lot of enquiry from the market and with a demo model becoming available soon, we expect that unit sales will only continue to grow”.

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