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The Tadano truck-mounted crane with “outstanding lifting capacities”

Autokrane Peter Klüsekamp has purchased a new Tadano truck-mounted crane, the HK 4.050-1.

German crane hire company Autokrane Klüsekamp has purchased a brand new Tadano HK 4.050-1 truck-mounted crane.

Acquiring the machine on the company’s 10th birthday, the Büren-based crane services business took stock of the crane to bolster its business in the prefabricated house construction line of work, with company director, Peter Klüsekamp, labelling the machine as the “perfect workhorse” for that type of business.

“Firstly, this crane is just as manoeuvrable on its four axles as a three-axle all-terrain crane,” he said, “and secondly, it boasts outstanding lifting capacities.”

Tadano’s 50-tonne truck crane possesses a hydraulic boom that can reach heights of 35.2m and reach a maximum tip height of 48m with jib extensions. Furthermore, the crane can operate at a maximum radius of 40m, at which it can lift a load weighing up to 1.8 tonnes.

For Klüsekamp, however, the value was not just in the crane’s lifting capacities and manoeuvrability; combining the Volvo truck chassis with conventional truck tyres result in lower operational costs according to the manufacturer, as well as the crane’s ability to carry up to 4.5 tonnes of counterweight on public roads without a permit. Another key selling point, as he elucidated, was the “excellent” post-sale service and support he felt he would receive.

“Volvo offers nationwide support for the standard truck chassis,” he said, “and with Tadano, top-notch service is simply a given.”

Another additional feature available with the 50-tonne truck-mounted crane is the sleeping cabin that Klüsekamp ordered the machine with, as well as the boom-head camera to ensure maximum visibility for safely lifting loads.

“For our prefabricated house construction customers, we work at sites all over Germany,” he said. “So, during the working week, the HK 4.050-1 often doubles as our home away from home.”

Founded 10 years ago, Autokrane Peter Klüsekamp mainly services the prefabricated house and basement jobs, however also dabbles in providing services for industrial building assembly, steel, timber, hall construction, tree felling, and vehicle recovery.


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