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The next pick and carry workhorses

SANY SCC300TB 30t and SCC400TB 40t telescopic boom crawler cranes are set to challenge the articulated pick and carry as the “can do” machine for the crane sector.

The articulated pick and carry mobile crane has long been a familiar sight on jobsites across Australia. While relatively simple to operate and versatile in many respects, the challenges around stability and safety of this type of crane are well-documented. Such concerns have seen the use of articulated pick-and-carry mobile cranes restricted in some cases and even banned outright in others.

Finding an alternative is extremely difficult given the articulated pick-and- carry mobile crane is so unique and quintessentially Australian. It is unlikely that the industry will ever find an alternative that completely replaces what the articulated pick-and-carry mobile crane does.

Getting back to first principles however, it is necessary to consider what makes the articulated pick-and-carry mobile crane so popular and the myriad of applications that the crane is used for. As versatile as the articulated pick- and-carry mobile crane is, it is too often used in circumstances where a safer alternative is available but not utilised.

The convenience, user familiarity and prevalence of the articulated pick- and-carry mobile cranes are all major influencing factors, as is the possible complacency on the part of job planners. As a result, the articulated pick-and-carry mobile crane can be overused on jobs, which is when issues arise.

In recent years, a relatively new category of crane has gained increasing popularity on Australian job sites performing general lifting and pick- and-carry tasks. The telescopic boom crawler crane is a hybrid of sorts that combines the convenience of a hydraulic telescoping boom and the stability of a crawler base.

Although it is not roadable or as speedy as the articulated pick-and-carry mobile crane, the telescopic boom crawler crane delivers many advantages that make it a much safer, stronger and more economical choice on many job sites.

Of the various crane manufacturers that produce telescopic boom crawler cranes, none has as extensive a range as SANY, where its TB series starts at 25t and goes all the way to 130t capacity. A brand-new 220t capacity telescopic boom crawler crane is expected to be released early in 2022.

Both of SANY’s 30t capacity SCC300TB and 40t capacity SCC400TB in particular are impressive alternatives to articulated pick-and-carry mobile cranes. They have phenomenal lifting capabilities in comparison to equivalent classes of articulated pick-and-carry mobile cranes while offering the stability and safety of traditional crawler cranes.

The rationale for the SANY SCC300TB and SCC400TB is even clearer if the cranes are only required to stay on a job site without having to be moved on public roads on a daily basis. And even where the cranes are required to be moved over longer distances
and on public roads, the compact dimensions of either crane model result in great transportability. Both the SANY SCC300TB and SCC400TB can be self- loaded onto a float, fully assembled with tracks-on.

With long boom lengths and fixed jib attachments, the SANY SCC300TB and SCC400TB have remarkable reach and lifting capacities. A level indicator is able to tell the crane operator the inclination angle of the crane, allowing the appropriate load charts to be used. Both models can work on grounds up to 4 degrees incline.

Flexibility has also been built into both models by SANY with load charts for retracted tracks and with counterweights removed. These features allow the cranes to be adjusted depending on site conditions and still be used to good effect.

Another advantage of the SANY SCC300TB and SCC400TB is the lower ground bearing pressure compared to the loads applied by the tyres of articulated pick-and-carry mobile cranes and also rough terrain cranes when performing  pick-and-carry work. Even when lifting in stationary positions, outriggers are not required by the SANY SCC300TB and SCC400TB, saving time and potentially reducing costs for ground preparation. In the case of articulated pick-and-carry mobile cranes and rough terrain cranes, project planners must ensure good and firm ground conditions while crane users must ensure the tyres are undamaged to prevent blowouts.

As a global manufacturer, SANY is able to leverage off its extensive network, dominant purchasing power and economies of scale. The value proposition is compelling from the upfront purchase through to operating, maintenance and service life of the cranes. The efficiencies that are only possible from using the SCC300TB and SCC400TB will also deliver savings in time and money to projects and users.

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