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The next of generation of Franna is here

Franna reveals that the AT40, MAC25 and AT22 are to receive upgrades and new series designation.

Franna cranes have carved a legendary reputation in the Australian crane industry, consistently praised for their unwavering reliability, exceptional performance and remarkable adaptability. Franna is proud to unveil the next chapter in Franna’s history – the all new Franna AT40 Series 2, AT22 Series 2 and MAC25 Series 5.

This comprehensive upgrade represents a transformative leap forward, encompassing not only a more powerful and environmentally sustainable engine but a multitude of advancements designed to elevate customers’ lifting experience in every aspect.

A Powerful Core: The New Mercedes-Benz OM936 Engine

At the core of the Series upgrade lies the Mercedes-Benz OM936 engine. This Stage V and Tier 4 Final compliant engine surpasses the latest Australian Design Rules (ADR) for cleaner emissions and future-proofs customers’ investment by also meeting planned future engine ADR. This means customers’ Franna cranes operate sustainably, minimising their environmental impact while ensuring seamless compliance with evolving environmental regulations.

The benefits extend far beyond mere compliance. The OM936 boasts a well-established track record, having undergone over a decade of refinements to achieve exceptional reliability. Our dedicated engineering team collaborated closely with Penske Power Systems, the authorised distributor of Mercedes-Benz engines in Australia, to ensure seamless integration of the OM936 into the Franna range. This collaboration included extensive aftermarket treatments, a power increase and fine tuning of the gearbox to provide a greater driving experience, as well as providing optimal performance and efficiency within the demanding environment of pick and carry cranes.

Beyond the Engine: A Range of Enhancements

The Series upgrade goes beyond just a new engine. Franna has implemented a series of additional enhancements across all Franna models, designed to streamline customers’ lifting operations across useability, productivity and safety:

Meets current and future ADR Compliance: in addition to the OM936 engine, the cranes have been upgraded to ensure they are compliant with all current and near future ADR compliance standards, including through headlights, visibility, noise levels, ABS and emission standards, along with a suite of safety standards.

Safety Radar as standard: Safety remains an unwavering priority at Franna. The Series upgrade elevates safety standards by incorporating the Franna Safety Radar as a standard feature. This radar system adds an additional layer of protection and awareness for operators.

Rear Body Upgrade: The rear body of all the models has been reworked to improve serviceability of the cranes. ABS, battery isolators and larger capacity batteries have been added as standard, along with the below model-specific enhancements that recognise the unique strengths of each Franna model, tailoring the features to maximise their potential:

AT40-2: The flagship AT40 receives a power boost with a 230kW version of the OM936 engine, further solidifying its position as the industry leader in lifting capacity and performance. Efficiency has also been considered with the AT40 receiving new deck panels to facilitate serviceability.

MAC25-5: The MAC25 receives a model designation upgrade to MAC25-5, reflecting its continuous evolution and improvement. In addition to the above range improvements, the MAC25-5 includes an engine power boost to 210kW, improved boom and steering response, an additional step for the rear body and the relocation of the isolators to outside of the articulation zone for enhanced safety.

AT22-2: Like the MAC25-5, these versatile models are equipped with a 210 kW OM936 engine, an additional step for the rear body, and improved efficiency and power for a wide range of lifting tasks. The AT22-2 also receives the winch handrail as standard, for safer rear body deck access.

Investing in Customers’ Success: A Holistic Approach

Franna understands that customers’ cranes are a pivotal component of operations. The Series upgrade represents the combination of improved power, efficiency and safety. Here’s what customers can expect:

  • Improved Efficiency: Fuel efficiency is a concern for any operator. The Series upgrade introduces optimisations that contribute to lower fuel consumption, resulting in reductions in operating costs.
  • Streamlined Maintenance: We’ve implemented improvements that simplify maintenance procedures, saving customers’ valuable time and resources. This translates into increased uptime and improved productivity.
  • Advanced Safety: The suite of advanced safety features, including the Franna Safety Radar 360-degree camera, creates a safer working environment for both the operator and those on site.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: Our commitment extends beyond the crane itself. Our entire team, from engineering and service technicians to our 24/7 product support team, has undergone rigorous training on the Series upgrades. This ensures Franna can provide customers with the highest level of support, maximising customers’ productivity and minimising downtime. Our team is here to answer customer questions, address any concerns, and ensure customers get the most out of the Franna cranes.

The launch of the new series of Franna Cranes reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation. Franna is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly cranes on the market. With the Series upgrade, customers will experience industry-leading performance, future-proof compliance, enhanced safety features, streamlined maintenance and a renewed focus on efficiency, that has made Franna Australia’s number one choice for over 40 years.


Mercedes-Benz OM936 mid installation on an AT22-2. Image: Franna




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