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The Men From Marr’s partner Mirvac to dismantle Sydney’s largest transmission tower

Marr Contracting (The Men from Marr’s) has partnered with Mirvac as part of an international team includingRobert Bird Group and critical infrastructure specialists Kordia Solutions. Together, the team will dismantle one of Sydney’s highest and most recognisable structures, the former TCN-9 TX transmission tower at Willoughby.

The much anticipated major project will start with prepatory works in May 2021, and is due for completion in early 2022.

Simon Marr, Marr’s Managing Director, commented on this upcoming milestone:  “At 233-metres, this tower is equal in height to a 77-storey building which posed a number of challenges. Over 12 months working with multiple stakeholders, we designed an approach involving some of our unique equipment and the introduction of guy wires to laterally support the tower crane and allow it to climb to the required height (247metres) to dismantle the tower.”

Highlighting the importance of working with experts in their respective fields, Mirvac’s General Manager, Residential Development NSW Toby Long said, “Mirvac has an industry-leading reputation for upholding the highest standards of safety and our design team is comprised of experts in their field. Partnering with Marr as our craneage experts means we know we are in safe hands.”

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