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The DNA of Ronco Group

Ronco offers a diverse range of services for its crane workshop capabilities.

Based in Maddington, Western Australia, Ronco Construction Equipment and Engineering provides an extensive, detailed range of crane-related services to companies in Australia’s west.

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Servicing all markets – from mining and resources to construction and infrastructure – Ronco prides itself on providing a comprehensive, holistic experience to those engaging with the company – whether that be purchasing a crane, or undertaking a 10-year major inspection of a machine. 

The company is positioned uniquely for the crane industry in Australia’s west; appointed as distributor and dealer of the XCMG and TIDD crane brands, the HYVA loaders and EWPs, and the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of SPMTs, Scheuerle, Ronco strives to bring high quality equipment to the doorstep of the cranes and lifting industry in Western Australia, promising comprehensive post-sale service and support. This is solidified by Ronco’s extensive storage capabilities; possessing a 4000sqm storage yard on top of its 12,000sqm main yard, the company is able to ensure the efficient and effective provision and delivery of spare parts, should they need to be called on.

Ronco’s diverse offerings to the crane industry are typified by its major inspection work. Working within a combined total of 16,000sqm of space, Ronco’s major inspections are supervised by a Chartered Professional Engineer as per AS2550.5 to ensure that is involved in the process from initial test lifts through to the CraneSafe inspection at the end. On top of efficiently turning around machines, this ensures high quality servicing is the status quo for the Maddington-based construction and engineering services company – something that is further encapsulated by the company’s . 

Ronco’s servicing and maintenance capabilities are driven by four apprentices and a team of 15 service department staff. Noting the importance of getting the right people on the right jobs when it comes to maintaining heavy machinery, Ronco also strives to ensure that its highly capable human resources are matched and supported by auxiliary equipment. Contained within the workshop are three overhead gantry cranes, a large wash pad with raised walkways, and an area dedicated to the machining requirements of the team – all in place to help the servicing and repair team at Ronco’s workshop turn machines around as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Outside of its major inspection work, a significant element of Ronco’s servicing and maintenance of machines is its boom-repair operations. At Ronco, no boom is spared; every single boom type comes through their front gates. Whether it be a repair needed for a hydraulic telescoping boom or a lacing replacement for a lattice boom, Ronco has the capacity to service it all.

Since the Maddington-based company’s inception 27 years ago, cranes have been central to Ronco’s DNA. Operating at the forefront of the growing success of the TIDD and XCMG brands, as well as supplying high quality shifting machinery such as Scheuerles, Ronco’s commitment to providing a high-quality service remains as true as the day it opened its doors. Commencing its major inspection services over 15 years ago, Ronco has finetuned its capabilities to, ultimately, provide an effective, tailored service to its customers, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. 

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