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Test driving the new Sany 90t rough terrain crane

The Sany SRC900T rough terrain crane is new to the Australian market. With a number of features including 47m of main boom, the SRC900T compares favourably to competitive brands in its class, says Phil Chadwick and Peter Lawgall from Tutt Bryant Equipment (TBE).

TBE recently took delivery of the new rough terrain crane at its Brisbane depot. As Chadwick and Lawgall have done so many times during their long   careers with cranes, they test drove the SRC900T together with TBE’s new National Technical Support Manager for Cranes, Ben Marczak, putting it through its paces. This way, they are prepared for any questions customers might ask.

“The overall performance of the SRC900T is right up there with any other hydraulic crane. It operates just like other more established brands on the market and better in some instances,” Lawgall said.

“The crane has  been designed with the operator in mind, and features a tilting cab and an automatic sidestep which you can hydraulically extend. The operator has a very cool tablet screen for the computer systems and the functionality of the crane is very simple and smooth as a result of the joy-stick control system,” added Chadwick.

A standout feature for the SRC900T is the 12.2m – 47m U shape full power boom which includes a double cylinder and rope telescoping capabilities. The U-Shaped boom is 10 percent stronger than booms on competitive products claims Sany. The overall boom weight has been decreased compared to previous models, but stability has been increased. The boom and telescoping system include a bending resistant structure which has resulted from the welded high tensile steel plate.

The boom features a jib 10.5-18m bi fold swing away mounting system designed to increase the efficiency of the jib out process which now only needs one person. It takes 15 minutes to unfold and retract the jib with an experienced operator. This can take up to 50 per cent less time than it takes on competitive products says Sany. The optimised structure of the new design assists the jib mounting and operation.

The new generation operators cab features newly designed Full-Vision windscreen which ensures safety and comfortable operation. The cab is wider with a more comfortable interior and a new generation of smart control system.

The tiltable cab can vary in degrees from 0°to 20°during operation for more comfortable and safer control of the lift. It enables the operator to clearly see where the load is in relation to the crane and also the working environment around them.

The Smart Control and advanced display from the 26.5 cm touch screen inserted with optical sensor can automatically adjust the lightness of screen. The Smart Control features top international controls, displays and sensors which meet industrial safety standards from Europe and the USA. These ensure safe, stable and effective operations. The full set of sensors ensures prompt information feedback and real- time monitoring of the crane’s working condition. The human-machine interface is well-designed to provide abundant and clear information. The operator can set the crane according to their operating routine and the working conditions.

The Sany SRC900T is powered by a Cummins inline six-cylinder diesel with watercooler and inter cooler. The engine is compliant to emissions standard: EU Stage III A. It also features a 350L capacity fuel tank.

The SRC900T features six forward gears, six reversing gears and a large speed ratio range which is adaptable to slope climbing or relatively high-speed traveling. The transmission shaft has an optimised layout, designed to provide a higher torque output via 8.5C flange connecting transmission shaft.

Both the front and rear Kessler axles are drive axles and can steer. Two-stage reducer gear and more compact axles, contribute to a more comfortable drive for the operator. The hydro-pneumatic suspension features hydraulic locks. Again, this contributes to a more comfortable operating environment and greater lateral vehicle stability, regardless of the terrain.

Steering includes four steering modes: front-wheels steer, rear-wheels steer, 4×4 and crab steer, with all axles are steered hydraulically. All wheels are hydraulic braking with double circuit split system. The service brake has a double circuit braking system, with hydraulic disc braking functions on all wheels, providing better braking ability.

Chadwick explains a few more features and confirms how impressed he is with the crane.

“The slew lock pin for the upper structure is hydraulically operated, so there is no pin to drop in and out like as is the case with other models and brands. I have to say, the SRC900T is a sophisticated, beast of a crane.

“The 47m of main boom is the same as other 90t and 100t capacity rough terrains from other brands, so Sany are on the money with this length. I’ve prepared a spreadsheet comparison graph which highlights the comparisons against the other machines and the Sany came out ahead in many areas of the charts,” he said.

“The electrical system is powered by a 24V DC power supply and the power to the chassis can be cut off manually. Its own strong logic realizes self-diagnosis, integrated displays and self-protection.

“The hydraulics rely on a high-quality oil pump, motor and valves which ensure a constant hydraulic flow providing a stable and reliable hydraulic system. The luffing, telescoping and hoist winch systems adopt open systems,” said Chadwick.

The Sany SRC900T is ideally suited for construction or mines sites, gas plants or power stations, anywhere you might need a tough, rough terrain crane with significant pick and carry capabilities.

“I haven’t really found a negative yet. It has the right boom length, and the crane weighs the right amount. It has easy on/off counterweight. It has hydraulic assist on the fly jib to get it on and off which makes this function really straight forward. It features anemometers and various cameras for reversing, winching and a hook camera. It really is very high-tech crane.

“I think the SRC900T is ideal for the resource sector and for any of the mines, quarries, power stations around the country. It will be a perfect addition to many crane fleets,” said Lawgall.

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