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Terex rough terrain crane “exceeds expectations” on wind farm

The Terex TRT35 rough terrain crane deployed by Concord Cranes on the Coleskop wind farm.

South African crane hire company, Concord Cranes, has deployed its Terex TRT 35 rough terrain crane across three major South African wind farm projects.

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Operating in Northern Cape, South Africa, Concord sent the machine to the Coleskop, Phezukomoya, and San Kraal wind farms, where it navigated inclement weather and rugged, mountainous terrains to complete a series of works on the new wind farms. The scope of the work for the rough terrain crane involved lifting and shifting concrete slabs for the project’s groundwork, before moving into the field where it was required to position 26 sets of electrical poles to help channel energy from the wind turbines to the power station. Sales Manager at Concord Cranes, Chester Rawstron, praised the TRT 35’s “smooth mobility”, saying the “effectiveness in movement and operation” of the crane impressed his clients.

“Despite the demanding conditions, the crane is exhibiting exceptional reliability, with no breakdowns, loose wires, or blown fuses since its deployment,” said Chester Rawstron, Sales Manager at Concord Cranes. “The TRT 35 boasts a capacity that exceeds our project requirements, ensuring the successful execution of lifting tasks with ease.”

On top of its 35-tonne lifting capacity, the rough-terrain crane possesses a 22m main boom, and is powered by a 4-cylinder Cummins engine featuring an EcoMode function. The machine also possesses a compact nature, with a width of only 2.5m operating in tandem with four steering options and rugged terrain capabilities, providing the crane with the ability to traverse rugged regions where conventional road infrastructure does not exist.

On the technology front, the TRT 35 features the Terex Operating System (TEOS) that enables the operator to take advantage of a visual interface and navigation system. According to the operational team at Coleskop, the control system is user-friendly, provides instant clarity, is easy to use, and intuitive, with Terex Rough Terrain Cranes Sales Manager, Bertrand Guillaume, saying the TRT 35 had “exceeded expectations” when it came to performance and reliability.

The Terex TRT35 rough terrain crane deployed by Concord Cranes on the Coleskop wind farm.
One of the electric poles installed by Concord Cranes. Image: Terex

“Its rugged design and advanced features make it an invaluable asset for projects in demanding environments,” he said. “We are proud to contribute to the success of the Coleskop Wind Farm, and we look forward to continued collaboration in support of South Africa’s renewable energy future.”

The Terex rough terrain crane has been in operation since August 2023, with works set to wrap up in September this year.


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