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Terex releases brand new tower crane

Terex has released its newest crane, the Terex CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane.

Terex Tower Cranes has officially launched its newest product, the CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane, designed to specifically target urban construction sites.

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Announcing its newest release late last week, the crane possesses “innovative features” and “advanced technology” to further expand Terex’ ‘City Class’ offering, according to the manufacturer. The new release hits on three main areas of improvement, with the crane optimising performance and compliance, simplifying installation, maintenance, and transportation, and providing a safe, comfortable working environment, with Engineering Director at Terex Tower Cranes, Luca Grisenti, saying the crane represented a “significant advancement in performance, safety, and efficiency”.

“Our commitment to simplifying installation processes and enhancing maintenance accessibility underscores our responsiveness to customer feedback,” he said. “We are positive that the CTT 152-6 will support our customers in executing their various projects safely and efficiently.”

The CTT 152-6 possesses two winch options: 18kW and 22kW, providing lifting speeds of up to 104m per minute. Additionally, the machine holds a maximum lifting capacity of six tonnes and is capable of lifting 1.9 tonnes at its tip load when using Terex Power Plus. Coming with technological features such as T-Torque slewing and Terex Power Match that enhance power and sustainable operations, the crane also possesses the T-Link Telematics Platform to assist with remote fleet management and real-time data to assess the crane’s performance.

Other design enhancements include a pinned connection between the jib and slewing unit, along with the elimination of counter-jib ballast basket, enabling the entire jib assembly to be completed at ground level as well as both the hoisting rope and trolley rope. Furthermore, the upper part of the CTT 152-6 can be transported in three trucks or four HC 40 containers, easing the transportation and logistical burden of moving the crane from site-to-site.

On the safety front, Terex has also sought to enhance its S-Pace Cabin, offering panoramic views, a wide electrical cabinet with dedicated platform on slewing unit, adjustable seating, stereo audio speakers, built-in heating and cooling systems. According to the manufacturer, through the robust construction, overspeed safety brake, and overload system, the CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane underpins Terex’ “commitment to operator well-being and job site efficiency”.


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