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Terex receives huge order for latest tower crane model

Terex sells large number of tower cranes

10 CTT Flat Top Terex tower cranes have been ordered by Netherlands-based tower crane company, Stravers Torenkranen (STK).

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Within its order of 10 CTT tower cranes, the Dutch tower crane specialist ordered five of Terex’ latest innovation: the CTT 152-6 model. Acquiring the new machines to continue expanding its operations within the construction, industrial, and petrochemical sectors, STK’s CEO, Matthieu de Sevaux, said the order – the largest in its history – represented STK’s commitment to “staying at the forefront of industrial advancements”.

“With powerful winch options providing exceptional lifting capabilities, flexible jib configurations, and compliance with the highest safety standards, these cranes exemplify reliability and efficiency,” he said.

“STK is also pleased with the growing presence of Terex Tower Cranes in the market, facilitated by a well-structured distribution network,” he continued. “This means customers have access to local service and support, contributing to the residual value of their cranes.”

As Terex’ latest product offering in its tower crane series, the CTT 152-6 was launched to specifically target urban construction sites. The CTT 152-6 possesses two winch options: 18kW and 22kW, providing “exceptional” lifting capabilities and speeds of up to 104m per minute, according to the manufacturer.


The urban construction tower crane possesses a maximum rated capacity of six tonnes and tip load of 1.7 tonnes that can be increased to 1.91 tonnes when using Terex Power Plus, an electronic control system that enhances the crane’s rated capacity. Furthermore, the model’s electronics system also features T-Torque slewing technology and the Terex Power Match system, allowing for smoother, more accurate slewing with reduced electric power consumption.

Stravers Torenkranen was established in 1987 as a maintenance company for construction equipment. Today, with its fleet of 130 cranes, the Dutch tower crane company services the construction, industrial, and petrochemical sector.

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