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Terex FC 6.24H installed by helicopter in Dolomites, Italy

A Terex FC 6.24H is installed by a helicopter in the Dolmites, in Italy.

Italian construction company Pollini Andrea of Pelugo has installed a Terex FC 6.24H tower crane at an altitude of 2601m above sea level using a helicopter in the Dolomites, Italy.

The Terex FC 6.24H crane is supporting the renovation and expansion of the Principe Pass Refuge, a building that was first constructed in 1952. The crane proved to be the most suitable for the job as the area can only be reached by foot, meaning light, flexible, and easily transportable machinery was required for the task at hand. The FC 6.24H, which features parts that are light, quick to assemble, and able to be precisely installed by a helicopter, ticked all the boxes for the job.A Terex FC 6.24H is installed by a helicopter in the Dolmites, in Italy.

“The Terex FC 6.24H crane is unique in the market and features a patented assembly system that makes it an effective and indispensable tool on construction sites in inaccessible areas, such as mountain huts or those with difficult access roads, as well as in historical centres between buildings and very narrow streets,” said Luca Zanut, Self-Erecting Product Specialist at Terex. “Assembling the crane at Principe Pass Refuge was quick and easy, thanks to the various components being lightweight and easy to handle, alongside the support of highly skilled technicians.”

The Terex FC 6.24H holds a boom that ranges from 12.6m to 24m with a maximum capacity of 1.5 tonnes and 0.6 tonnes at the end of its maximum boom length. The crane, which can reach a height of 26m when established on the ground and not anchored to a building, is discernible because of its simple cabling, flexibility, and practicality. The FC 6.24H doesn’t require auxiliary machinery for its set up, thanks to Terex’ patented autonomous assembly system. The ballasted carriage of the machine holds dimensions of 2.5×2.5m and can also be mounted on a 1.2×1.2m plinth, taking up minimal floor space making it most suited to congested environments – such as the Principe Pass Refuge.

“It is wonderful to see our Terex FC 6.24H crane performing in such a captivating location,” said Zanut, “and we look forward to continuing our support of this important project through to its completion next year.”

Watch the video of the crane’s installation below.


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