A trend towards heavy lifters

The MRT234 flat top tower crane was the first to be officially unveiled in October 2017, and the feedback from end users, according to Strictly Cranes, has been overwhelmingly positive. The second new model, which is the company’s flagship crane in the new luffing range, is the LR330 with a triangular jib.

“One really strong aspect is that only two people are needed to completely assemble the MRT234’s jib over a period of a few short hours. This crane boasts nine different jib lengths, ranging from 70m to 28m,” said Eng. Domenico Ciano, technical director at Raimondi Cranes. Read more



RIDER Levett Bucknall’s Q2 2018 RLB Crane Index, released in April, reported a decline in the number of residential tower cranes in Australia. This is the first decline in residential cranes in three years, reporting a fall of 57 since its last publication. This drop is in line with the slowing of the residential sector over the last year; the value of residential building work has fallen by 2.4%.

Overall, a total of 684 cranes are currently on projects across Australia, only one crane down from the previous index, despite a 10% fall in the residential sector. RLB said the non-residential sector played a key part in off-setting the loss. Here, the index has risen from 117 in Q4 2017 to 166, a rise of 42% represented by an additional 56 cranes across the non-residential sectors. Read more