Potain wins big at 2021 Tower Crane Awards in Paris

It was a good night for Potain at the recent third edition of the Tower Crane Awards, organized by the Federation of Construction and Handling Equipment (DLR) and the Professional Union of Crane technicians (SPMDG).

The awards ceremony took place at the Museum of Fairground Arts in Paris on September 23 and Potain distributors were recognized in three categories – Top-slewing Assembly of the Year, Self-erecting Assembly of the Year and Construction Site of the Year.

The prize for Top-slewing Assembly of the Year went to GLI (Grues Levages Investissements) for the erection of a specially designed Potain MCT 58 on the Sainte-Rose dam in a remote area of La Réunion. Due to the difficult terrain, the crane elements needed to be transported to the site and lifted into place using a commercial helicopter. Potain designed the crane so that each element would not exceed the 1 t maximum capacity of the helicopter. The new MCT 58 crane was initially used to dismantle the old Potain 427 which had been on the site for more than 30 years and will later be used to maintain the dam.

Valente Grue Assistance, meanwhile, came top in the Self-erecting Assembly of the Year category for erecting a GTMR 386B in the Alps at an altitude of 2,700 m. The distributor’s main challenge was to climb a ski slope, towing a 28 t load to the top of the resort.

Finally, Uperio took home the award for Construction Site of the Year for the assembly of 16 MR 608 luffing jib cranes with 10 m chassis and travelling mechanisms at the Fecamp offshore wind farm in Normandy. The assembly involved complex international logistics with 250 containers, as well as pre-assembly of certain components before starting the erection of the cranes. A huge and challenging construction site.

“It is a pleasure to see our hardworking Potain distribution partners recognized for their collaboration, experience and skill on these complicated erections. Many congratulations to the winners who once again wear Potain’s colours high!” said Stéphane Giraudo, Sales Director France and Benelux at Manitowoc.

For more information on Potain tower cranes, please visit the Manitowoc website.


A planned offshore wind farm, located between 13 and 22 kilometres from the coast of Fécamp in Normandy, will feature 18 Potain tower cranes equipped with anti-collision systems.

French wind farm equips cranes with anti-collision systems

A planned offshore wind farm, located between 13 and 22 kilometres from the coast of Fécamp in Normandy, will feature 18 Potain tower cranes equipped with anti-collision systems.

The tower cranes make up the foundation site for the Fécamp wind farm and will be make use of DCS 61-S anti-collision systems. The wind turbines will be connected to gravity foundations installed on the seabed at depths between 25 and 30 meters.

The design and construction works of the 71 concrete gravity structures for the foundation of the offshore wind farm are carried out on the Bougainville shipyard, at the Grand Port Maritime at Le Havre.

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Two MDT 349 cranes will move on 120 metres of rail, with 16 MR 608 machines of the same height spread over four parallel tracks.

Because several cranes move on the same track and are placed at the same height, jibs can easily collide. AMCS Technologies was chosen to supply the anti-collision systems, which will play an essential role in ensuring the safety and productivity of the project.

The DCS 61-S detects in real time the risk of collision of all interfering crane components (for example jib on jib, jib on cable).

The device calculates in real time and in 3D the distances between each element of the cranes as well as the speeds and direction of movement on the rails in order to intervene on the control mechanisms of the crane to ensure a slowing down and then a complete immobilisation of the machine at a preset distance from the other machine.

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