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Tadano invests in new premises

Tadano recently announced it had secured larger facilities to accommodate its rapidly expanding operations in Sydney and Perth. Increasing customer service and support through larger workshops and greater spare parts holdings are key focuses for the new facilities.

Tadano recently announced it had secured larger facilities to accommodate its rapidly expanding operations in Sydney and Perth. Increasing customer service and support through larger workshops and greater spare parts holdings are key focuses for the new facilities.

These expansions are a key element of the ‘Joining Forces’ strategy which is driving an increased focus on customer support and satisfaction. The new facilities will increase the NSW and WA operations abilities to supply product to the increasing demands from the markets and provide best in class after sales service & training. Each facility boasts highly skilled employees that are always willing to go above and beyond to assist Tadano customers. Tadano Oceania has shown great results recently which Tadano headquarters recognises and is supporting with the investment in the new premises.

Mauro Ranieri is Tadano’s Workshop & Field Service Manager (WA), provides an update on the purpose-built facility.

“This is a purpose-built facility and is as a result of the growth we have been experiencing in the Tadano products but also following the acquisition of the Demag business. The move to the new facility will be in February 2022 when we will move the entire Tadano operation from Bibra Lake to Hope Valley. The new facility features 2400 sq m of workshop which includes six service bays plus the hard stand.

“The workshop also features a full-sized wash bay approximately 40m long and an internal wash bay. The smaller bay will be used for washing booms when they have been stripped down. The workshop features two, 10t capacity overhead cranes which will help with the maintenance of the cranes, especially the larger machines, and the hard stand will hold stock and provide more room for cranes arriving for servicing,” said Mauro.

Accessibility from the main road to the yard will be very straight forward and provides easy access for the largest of the Tadano and Demag cranes. The facility is also close to the Kwinana hub where you will find a lot of big crane customers along the Kwinana strip.

“The facility is 100 per cent solar powered with any additional power generated by the system will be sold back to the grid. There is also a high degree of growth designed into the building’s footprint. We have more than doubled the amount of room we have for spare parts. The parts department is being setup to hold far more stock. We will have easier access to the parts and we will be able to pick and shift parts much quicker,” said Mauro.

“The office accommodation also includes training rooms. These reflect Tadano’s ongoing commitment to training our staff and technicians but also reaffirms our commitment to customer and operator training. Customer training will include familiarisation with new machines and basic operational training when a new crane is sold.

“The facility is designed to set us for the next phase of the business but, more importantly, it increases our ability to support our broadening product range and to enhance the Tadano customer experience,” said Mauro.

Jay Gower is Tadano Sales for NSW and ACT. He discusses the reason behind the move to the new Penrith facility.

“Some time ago, we recognised we had outgrown our previous facility in Sydney’s Wetherill Park. It has been a slow and deliberate process to ensure we found the right facility to meet our requirements for the next phase of growth for the NSW operations. The new facility is designed to cater for this stage of our growth and enable us to better service our existing and futures clients,” he said.

“We identified a list of requirements for the facility which included a good-sized workshop with an overhead crane, decent office accommodation and in a good location. The new Penrith workshop features five work bays, and these are capable of handling the larger cranes in range.

“There is a sixth bay, and this has a mezzanine floor constructed above it. This is for our dedicated spare parts division. With the mezzanine floor we have almost doubled the area of our parts department and this in preparation for the planned growth in our parts business and stock holding,’ said Gower.

The new facility is designed to help Tadano handle the big new machines which are coming next year and to handle the current population of machines in the state.

“The Wetherill Park facility was unable to service anything over the five axles which was causing us an issue but now we can service six seven and eight axle cranes without a problem,” said Gower.

“The offices are perfect for our requirements at the moment and there is room to expand the accommodation as the office team grows. The Penrith location was strategically chosen with the opening of the Western Sydney International Airport scheduled to be operating by 2026.

“Western Sydney is the ‘crane hub’ for the city with most of the major crane business located in Wetherill Park, Glendenning and Arndell Park areas which are only 20 minutes down the road. We have easy access to the main motorway systems which take you North, South, East of the West of the city so it is ideal for customers to bring their cranes to them or for our service technicians to visit them,” he said.

Gower confirms the first model of the newly released Tadano AC 7.450-1 All Terrain Crane will be arriving in the Penrith facility in early 2022. It is the first unit to arrive on the east coast.

Benchmark on seven axles

Compact like a six-axle crane, powerful like many eight-axle units – the AC 7.450-1 is in a class of its own. It is the first machine from a new high-efficiency crane family and makes a compelling case with a series of forward-looking solutions and impressive technical specifications.

Compact and manoeuvrable – like a six-axle crane

With a carrier length of 15.99 m, a total length of 17.62 m, and an outrigger base of 8.45 m, the AC 7.450-1 does not take up more space than a six-axle crane at the job site. However, it offers significantly larger lifting capacities and a longer main boom that comes in at 80 m. All seven axles on the AC 7.450-1 are steered, and four of them are driven. This makes the crane so manoeuvrable that it can handle tight work sites at least as well as a six-axle model.

Spoiled for choice – powerful, versatile boom options

With its fully telescoped 80-m main boom, the AC 7.450-1 reaches lifting capacities of up to 25 t. If the main boom’s length is not sufficient, it can, for example, be extended with a luffing jib with a maximum length of 81 meters. The crane’s maximum system length is 132 meters. The luffing jib can be “divided up” in three-meter segments from 24 to 81 meters. But that is not all: In addition to the luffing jib, Tadano also offers configuration options for a fixed extension, and even a runner.

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