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Tadano introduces large truck loader cranes

Tadano recently released details about the “TM-ZX1200 series” truck loader crane bound for international markets.

The truck crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 12 metric tons, a maximum crane capacity of 22 t・m, and a maximum boom length of 16.0 meters.

Development Concept

Tadano has expanded the lineup to meet a wide range of customer needs by adding a product with a maximum lifting capacity of 12 metric tons, a maximum crane capacity of 22 t・m, and a maximum outrigger extension width of 5.5 meters. In addition to manual (MH) specification, HRS/HS specifications that include an advanced overload prevention device are also available.

The Tadano safety systems that we have developed in products for the Japanese domestic market are now being introduced in products for markets outside of Japan where safety awareness is getting higher, for safer and more efficient work.

The series features a full range of safety systems

The standard HRS and HS specifications include the Safety Eyes system equipped with a function which monitors changes in stability caused by changes in the truck bed load conditions during crane operation. This allows operation with maximum performance according to the load conditions.

Safety is further improved by the “AML (Automatic Moment Limiter, overload prevention device)” that monitors and controls the crane operation status and restricts or stops operation according to the moment load ratio based on the rated load, as well as the “Jack Interlock Function” that disables crane operation when outrigger jacks are not in contact with the ground, and the “Working height limit device” that automatically stops the boom when it reaches the preset height.

The standard HRS specification also includes a color LCD radio controller which displays the lifted load and provides other functions that deliver further advances in work safety and efficiency.

Basket mode

The AML in the standard HRS specification includes basket mode. In addition, a basket mounting support that allows a basket to be installed without removing the hook block is available as an option. This enables safe work in an elevated height and improves the universal utility of the crane.

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