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Tadano HK 4.050-1 “versatile” and “fantastic”

Hellmich Kranservice has acquired a second Tadano HK 4.050-1 truck crane.

German crane hire company Hellmich Kranservice has taken delivery of the last of four cranes delivered: the Tadano HK 4.050-1 truck crane.

The German company had already taken delivery of two AC 5.220-1 cranes and an initial HK 4.050-1 truck crane, a style Managing Director Michael Findeiß praised effusively, labelling the cranes as a “highly versatile option” for day-to-day operations.

“Truck-mounted cranes like this are fantastic from a road permit standpoint,” he said, “and that’s by no means the only great feature of the HK 4.050-1; for instance, we were also especially taken with its asymmetric H-style outriggers.”

Providing the operator with heightened manoeuvrability thanks to its H-style outriggers and tridem rear axle, the Tadano HK4.050-1 also features a maximum operating radius of 40m and a main boom length of 35.2m with a possible 9m extension, making the crane most effective on tight construction sites. Another feature that helped incline Findeiß towards the HK 4.050-1 truck crane was the cost effectiveness: using a track chassis that benefits the owner when it comes to wear and operating costs, the standard truck chassis is backed by the Mercedes service network and comes with ready access to affordable spare parts.

Thanks to the crane’s two engine configuration, Hellmich is able to cut down on diesel consumption when operating the superstructure. Additionally, the German crane hire company ordered its new 50-tonne capacity truck crane with Tadano’s rope-pull system for the boom, the folding swing-away jib, and an aircraft warning light.

“Thanks to all these features, the HK 4.050-1 is the perfect complement to our fleet,” he said. “It means we now have even greater flexibility in responding to the needs of our customers.”

René Hellmich, a shareholder in the Hellmich group of companies, concurs with the sentiments expressed by the crane department’s Managing Director.

“We’ve been using HK cranes for more than 15 years,” he said, “and we’ve been known to have as many as 10 of them in our fleet.”

Hellmich Kranservice was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in the town of Riedstadt in Hesse, Germany. The company specialises in crane rentals, crane work, and special assembly projects.


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