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Tadano helps celebrate Freo Group’s 50th

Tadano sells 10 mobile cranes to Freo Group for Freo Group's 50th.

Tadano has been a significant supplier to Freo Group for well over a decade and recently helped celebrate Freo’s 50th with the supply of 10 cranes, including three designed for wind farm construction and maintenance, in a multi-million-dollar package.

Darryl Reeves, Tadano’s Western Australian Sales Manager, and Freo Group’s Chief Operating Officer Darren Rodwell detail the relationship between the organisations and the recent contract. 

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“The relationship between Tadano and Freo Group dates back well over a decade, because Freo Group had been buying the Demag brand for some time. Over the years, Freo Group has purchased 140 Tadano and Demag cranes, including Rough Terrains, All Terrains and Truck Cranes, with capacities ranging from 12 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Over this extended period, Tadano has developed into a significant supplier to Freo Group,” said Darren.

Darryl explains how Tadano can continually supply Freo Group with the right cranes at the right time.

“Freo Group has a continual fleet planning process subject to the projects they and their customers are tendering for. Freo Group’s fleet management will come to us a year or so out and discuss the projects they are working on, which cranes should be replaced, and with what. 

“Models become obsolete, and models change, as do their capabilities. They sit down with us, and we’ll discuss the models that might be obsolete in the fleet and what they have been replaced with or which model might do a better job for a specific application. We have a strong working relationship with Freo Group’s Fleet Management, which includes Ray Martinez, Procurement Manager; Darren Rodwell, Chief Operating Officer; General Manager Fleet; Mike Celenza; and General Manager Assets & Maintenance Marcus Piggott. We must work closely with our customers to ensure we deliver on their expectations and needs for a successful long-term partnership,” said Darryl.

Freo Group is focused on the fleet’s sustainability and continues to examine the latest technology being developed by Tadano and other crane OEMs, says Darren.

With Tadano’s recent slogan, “Our True Mission: Zero Emissions,” Tadano is highlighting its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions from its business activities by 25 per cent and from the use of its products by 35 per cent by 2030. Tadano’s goal is to be completely climate neutral by 2050 – zero emissions. To achieve these objectives, the company has grouped together its solutions for greater sustainability under the name of Tadano Green Solutions (TGS).

“Tadano understands the importance of the role we play in the global sustainability movement. Our research and development team puts their efforts towards alternative power solutions as well as software features that help reduce the impact on the environment while ensuring that our product and technologies align seamlessly with the needs of both the industry and our customers,” said Darryl. 

“We are aware of the latest technology being developed by Tadano and are actively examining these capabilities to ensure they’re ready and prepared to enter the marketplace once these capabilities have matured,” said Darren.

“Freo Group is fully aware of the battery electric developments Tadano is working with and understands that all-electric rough terrain will be available locally from the end of next year. Like all large fleet operators, we want to be aware of developments and timing to be confident we are investing in the right technology at the right time. We work closely and transparently with Tadano, so we are actively aware of the changes in the market, what technology will be available, and when they will be available,” said Darren.


The most recent contract was awarded due to Tadano’s depth of understanding of Freo Group’s requirements, the quality and performance of Tadano products, Tadano’s ability to deliver products on time and Tadano’s commitment to ‘second to none’ after-sales service and support, says Darryl.

“Tadano has been heavily involved in the fleet planning process with Freo Group for some time, and Freo Group has been able to make full use of its existing long-term relationships with all aspects of the organisation. The recent acquisition resulted from Tadano’s in-depth understanding of Freo Group’s fleet planning process,” he said.

The multi-million-dollar package involves 10 cranes with capacities ranging between 100t and 300t. The package is a key element of Freo Group’s drive to maintain a sustainable and renewable fleet, says Darren.

“There are multiples of the same models in the package; some are replacing older models in the fleet, but there has also been growth in our fleet and capabilities. The start of the delivery process began mid-last year, and the last of them should be delivered hopefully by the end of April,” said Darren.

Darryl has worked with Freo Group for many years.

“I’ve been fortunate to have a long relationship with Freo Group. When I started in the industry, I received advice, direction, and encouragement from Tony Canci, Nic Celenza and Mike Celenza. Over the years, and in various roles with various companies, I have had much to do with Freo Group.

“The relationship with Freo Group is strong and built on mutual respect. They understand we’ll always do our very best for them, and we’re always willing to listen and work together on solutions,” he said.

Tadano sells 10 mobile cranes to Freo Group for Freo Group's 50th.
Over the years, Freo Group has purchased 140 Tadano and Demag cranes, including Rough Terrains, All Terrains and Truck Cranes, with capacities ranging from 12 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Image: Tadano

Tadano’s commitment to after-sales service and product support is a key reason Freo Group continues to purchase Tadano products. With the number of customers continuing to increase and a growing population of cranes across the country, Tadano Oceania invests in strategies designed to deliver the highest levels of product support, service and parts availability.

Tadano continues to improve its customer service and support capabilities. Key elements of this strategy include continued investment in workshop capabilities and key personnel across the country.

Across the industry, there is a shortage of skilled and experienced labour, and the management team at Tadano has prioritised the upskilling of mechanics and technicians to ensure the organisation has the depth of skill to manage the growing population of cranes.

Tadano technicians are based in workshops nationwide and Field Service Teams assist customers with breakdown issues, conducting regular servicing requirements and assisting with the setup of machines on site where necessary. 

Service and support are nationwide, with technicians ready at a moment’s notice to jump on a plane if required and fly to a breakdown, or assist the customer with whatever support is needed on site.

Tadano’s workshop facilities and Field Service Teams work closely with the Tadano parts department, which is critical. Tadano is creating efficiencies in the procurement, distribution and availability of parts and planning with the Parts Department, helping each workshop and Field Service Team expedite the servicing and maintenance processes, minimising the downtime of the crane for customers like Freo Group.

“As with any large fleet operator, we must be confident in the crane OEMs’ capabilities to support product in terms of service, maintenance and parts availability. We operate our maintenance teams, supplemented with the Tadano team, wherever and whenever required,” said Darren.

“We service our cranes as per OEM recommendations, but if there’s anything more significant that we can’t handle or a shortage of resources, Tadano steps up and puts people in when and where they are needed. 

“Maintaining the fleet is a key objective because crane safety, reliability and cost savings come with maintenance. We operate an extensive maintenance planning program, and with the number of Tadanos in the fleet, we talk to their team daily. There has always been open communication between the organisations and departments and a lot of cooperation along the way,” he said.

“Remote diagnostics and telematics assist Tadano’s product support teams in understanding what issues the crane might be experiencing, which enables them to dispatch the right part and support at the right time,” said Darren.  

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