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Tadano brings new models to the market

Tadano has recently added new models to its telescopic crawler and 3 axle all terrain ranges. The telescopic crawler includes track position technology, providing optimum lift performance and a boom with the largest radius in its class.

Tadano has recently added new models to its telescopic crawler and 3 axle all terrain ranges. The telescopic crawler includes track position technology, providing optimum lift performance and a boom with the largest radius in its class.

Earlier this year, Tadano Oceania utilised its Brisbane facility to launch two new cranes, the GTC-350, the latest compact telescopic crawler and the ATF 60G-3 the newest three axle All Terrain crane.

The event was hosted by Tadano Oceania Director Anthony Grosser, who welcomed customers, factory representatives and Tadano staff.

The GTC-350 is Tadano’s newest compact and reliable telescopic crawler and brings the features and benefits of the GTC-Series to the smaller size class of Tele-Boom crawler cranes.

This is a no-fuss machine that boasts a strong, full power two stage boom, designed for ease of transport and quick set-up without compromising stability or lifting capacity.

Even with it’s compact build, the GTC-350’s ability to reach it’s full usable capacity is unparalleled and with level ground load charts up to 4 degree, a purpose built boom, self rigging systems, updated technologies and operator comfort, these cranes are in their element operating on confined job sites, piling applications and pick and carry work.

The GTC-350 also features the new OPTI-WIDTH track positioning system.
This allows both symmetrical and asymmetrical track positions during reduced track width operation, providing optimum lifting performance at any track width. Track width is continuously monitored by the machine and the data is provided to the AML-C. The optimal track width operating load chart is chosen by the AML-C based on each side track position. OPTI-WIDTH asymmetric track position setups can improve lifting capacities by as much as 50% over symmetrical. The system is the ideal solution for cranes working in congested job sites at less than full track width.

The crane has sufficient hydraulic power to extend and retract the track frames on demand, and the track frames do not require pinning in position once set to the operating width.

The ATF60G-3 is the newest addition to Tadano’s 3 axle all terrain range.

With it’s compact build, all wheel steering and long boom, the ATF60G-3 is an all purpose crane designed to manage a range of applications in tight spaces and industrial worksites.

The new drive concept, superstructure mounted rear engine and 2 axles at the front machine, creates a balanced crane whilst minimising cab noise and emissions, providing a safer workspace and increasing overall operator comfort.

The ATF60G-3’s 48m long main boom paired with 4 sheaves, a short, strong base boom of 9.5m and featuring the largest radius in its class, this model provides the customer with plenty of versatility.

The crane also includes a single engine, great highway speed and asymmetric outriggers. Tadano technologies such as Hello-Net and the AML-F provide the opportunity to save costs on servicing, transport and job planning preparation.

The ATF 60G-3 lifts more than any other crane in its class. Tadano engineers have developed a light but strong crane with this model which is evident in its lifting capacities.

The new model is up to 46% stronger at the main boom than other 60t cranes and up to 62% stronger at the jib.

These capacities are achieved by combining all lifting assembly groups, from the boom, the upper and lower structure frames up to the outriggers, which transfer the resulting loads into the ground.

Higher lifting capacities are also a result of the asymmetrical outrigger base, which is a new feature of the crane. Previously, the AML crane control calculated and approved lifting capacities per crane side, where the respectively shorter outrigger determined lifting capacity for safety reasons. It now does this separately, for each individual outrigger quadrant meaning the user avoids unnecessary lifting capacity losses and increases lifting capacity significantly.

The new model also features a larger operating radius and extended operating heights.

The ATF60G-3 has a main boom height of 48m, which allows a sheave height of up to 51m and radius of up to 44m. This provides up to 5.5 m more sheave height with the main boom than any other 60t crane and up to 6.0m more radius.

It is also the most compact main boom in its class. Constructed from 7 telescopic sections as opposed to six, the 9.5m base boom enables work in low ceilinged applications for example.

The Tadano operating concept offers the crane driver a wide range of individual settings. The operator can interact with the main display via touchscreen, buttons or a jog dial button according to their requirements, while all operating functions are fully adjustable allowing the operator to set the crane up to his own preference. The additional safety display also features a further camera view of the crane deck, as well as being used to safely complete works in case of a failure with the main screen.

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