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Tadano achieves Canada-first with 450-tonne crane

Tadano has sold an AC 7.450-1 to Sterling Crane.

North American crane hire company Sterling Crane has taken stock of the first Tadano AC 7.450-1 to arrive in Canada.

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Based in Alberta, a province in Western Canada, the crane hire company purchased the 450-tonne capacity crane to expand its operations in refinery work initially, with a view to moving into wind turbine maintenance, bridge construction, and general infrastructure requirements. Speaking to the reasons for purchasing his newest crane, Tom MacLeod, President of Sterling Crane Canada, praised the “high-performance” and “top support” provided by Tadano while also highlighting the company’s “excitement” at being able to offer its newest seven axle option.

“Everyone knows the quality of Tadano machines, and this new all-terrain crane will be a great fit for our customers throughout the region,” he said. “The AC 7.450-1 has amazing power and reach, and it fits the roads and tough jobs of western Canada.”

On top of its maximum lifting capacity of 450 tonnes that it achieves at a radius of 2.5m, the AC 7.450-1 possesses a main boom ranging from 14.8m through to 80m as well as a maximum tip height of 128m and radius of 98m that it achieves through a range of lattice boom and fly jib extensions. According to the manufacturer, however, its main appeal resides in its compact dimensions of 17.6m long, 3m wide, and just under 4m tall combined with its heightened lifting capacities it says rivals the performance of eight axle cranes. Tadano America Vice President of Sales, Ken Butz, praised the “strong and successful” partnership between Tadano and Sterling Crane that led to the purchase.

“Both companies are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by offering the best quality and service in the crane industry,” he said, “and the addition of the new AC 7.450-1 all-terrain crane will play a key role in helping both of us achieve that goal.”

Conceived in 1954, Sterling Crane operates all throughout Canada and provides crane rental services to the industrial, power, infrastructure, and building sectors.


Tadano has sold an AC 7.450-1 to Sterling Crane.
Louis Francescutti (Tadano), Tom MacLeod (Sterling), Mark Pisani (Sterling), Jim Littlemore (Sterling), Justin Andrews (Tadano) Image: Tadano.
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