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Tadano 7 axle all terrains headed down under

The Tadano AC 7.450-1 all terrain is compact like a six-axle crane, powerful like many eight-axle units – and according to Tadano the new all terrain is in a class of its own. And the first units are headed to Australia in early 2022.

It is the first machine from a new high-efficiency crane family and makes a compelling case with a series of forward-looking solutions and impressive technical specifications.

Compact and manoeuvrable – like a six-axle crane

With a carrier length of 15.99 m, a total length of 17.62 m, and an outrigger base of 8.45 m, the AC 7.450-1 does not take up more space than a six-axle crane at the job site. However, it offers significantly larger lifting capacities and a longer main boom that comes in at 80 m. All seven axles on the AC 7.450-1 are steered, and four of them are driven. This makes the crane so manoeuvrable that it can handle tight work sites at least as well as a six-axle model.

Spoiled for choice – powerful, versatile boom options

With its fully telescoped 80-m main boom, the AC 7.450-1 reaches lifting capacities of up to 25 t. If the main boom’s length is not sufficient, it can, for example, be extended with a luffing jib with a maximum length of 81 meters. The crane’s maximum system length is 132 meters. The luffing jib can be “divided up” in three-meter segments from 24 to 81 meters. But that is not all: In addition to the luffing jib, Tadano also offers configuration options for a fixed extension, and even a runner.

Functional and powerful – the new Superlift design

Tadano  is using its new engineering design for the Sideways Superlift system for the first time ever on the AC 7.450-1. This new design is a decisive enhancement to the well-known Tadano  SSL solution. The Superlift arms are now mounted all the way in the front, on the head of the base section, meaning that they are ultimately longer and accordingly well-suited to larger lifting capacities. And while on the subject of lifting capacities, this means that the AC 7.450-1 is considerably superior to other seven-axle cranes – in fact, it even leaves some eight-axle units behind in a number of boom positions.

The functionality and handling have been improved as well. In fact, the new design only requires one single wire rope line for the connection between the main boom head and the SSL arm. In addition, the SSL arms are pinned hydraulically on the main boom, which reduces manual work for securing the arms and the associated work at height.

Everything in view – 360° Surround View

The AC 7.450-1 features six cameras that keep everything in view. With the help of a computer-assisted diagram, this makes it possible to graphically show the possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tailswing radius on the display in the carrier cab. This makes it significantly easier to position the crane at job sites. Surround View also helps on the way to the site by making it easier for crane operators to notice pedestrians and cyclists when turning.

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