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Super lifts using Andromeda’s Superflex lifting slings

Andromeda Industries' Superflex lifting slings are unrivalled, according to Borger Cranes.

Andromeda Industries is the only producer of Superflex steel in Australia, using the wire to make lifting slings and other attachments for the crane industry. With heightened emphasis on safety in lifting, the importance of investing in high quality lifting and rigging equipment is being consistently underscored – and Borger Cranes is right on board with Andromeda’s quality.

Borger Crane Hire and Rigging is a name synonymous with the Australian crane industry.

As detailed in Cranes and Lifting magazine, the company has been rapidly expanding and performing an array of dexterous lifts across the east coast of the country. What everyone notices is the crane picking up Hard Rock Café’s guitar, precast concrete, a hot water tank – you name it, Borger’s probably lifted it.

But there’s an equally imperative piece of equipment facilitating those lifts; lifting and rigging equipment. As Queensland Yard Supervisor at Borger Cranes Hennie Geyser says: “good, quality rigging is a substantial investment into a company that will provide abundant returns”.

Holding over 15 years of experience in the crane industry, Hennie Geyser was initially a yard manager for a well-established crane hire company in Queensland until October 2021. From there, he joined the rapid expansion of NSW-based company Borger Cranes to find himself in his current position as a Queensland Yard Supervisor. 

Throughout his career, Hennie has operated cranes up to 250 tonnes in size and worked in the nitty gritty when it comes to the procurement and managing of rigging equipment. So when he says the Superflex steel cable range from Andromeda Industries is up there with the best, there’s an added element of legitimacy to his words.

“Throughout my time, I’ve seen a lot of different rigging methods and applications,” he says. “Andromeda’s Superflex series provide structural integrity, versatility and capacity that other brands just can’t match.”

Superflex cable is a steel cable of plaited configuration; it is not laid or twisted like wire rope, which gives Superflex its unique flexible and set resistant cable. The plaiting of the steel cords creates a very tough and set resistant cable composed of many more wires than is possible with laid wire rope. 

Andromeda Industries is the only producer of Superflex steel cable. The Australian-owned and operated manufacturer from Moonbi, NSW, specialises in the research, development, and sale of its products to markets both nationally and internationally through a distributor network that totals over 100. With such strong structural integrity, Andromeda’s Superflex range embodies the company’s sustainable ethos: where others create single-use items that can be easily discarded, Andromeda’s range of plaited and woven steel slings and cables are built to last, possessing the benefit of being fully recyclable at the end of its lifting life.

With his vast experience in the lifting and rigging industry, Hennie says he first stumbled across Andromeda’s Superflex products on a demolition job roughly 10 years ago. After seeing the product’s performance, he was convinced to invest in the rigging equipment. 

“From that point, we used the Superflex a lot as well on a high application where you might not be able to use a soft sling,” he says. “These steel cables were capable of lifting incredible amounts of capacity; we’ve used them for lifting applications of up to 100 tonnes.”

Operating up and down the East Coast of Australia, Borger Cranes finds itself in some unique lifting environments. What this means is that the company needs flexible lifting equipment – and not just from the different cranes in its fleet. Another key point of difference for Hennie with Andromeda’s Superflex range is its ability to work at different capacities at different temperatures.

“These slings really prove their worth in hot environments; soft and synthetic slings hold their own unique uses, but Andromeda’s products come in clutch for jobs that require equipment capable of handling high temperatures,” he says. “In hot environments, synthetic slings are a little bit more vulnerable to load failure; Andromeda’s Superflex steel cable is not.”


Citing the product’s recent performance for Borger Cranes in work for refineries, Hennie also highlights the slings’ capacity when it came to lifting a hot water vessel for a brewery, citing the importance of “structural integrity” and “good quality rigging equipment”.

“At Borgers, a lot of our work pertains to roofing; if we don’t use the right rigging equipment, we run the risk of damaging the equipment, losing the client, and losing face,” he continues. “Sustainable, flexible, versatile rigging equipment is a significant investment towards our business; with quality rigging comes ease of use in a durable manner.”

“Good quality rigging makes such a big difference on a job,” he says. “Using the right equipment for the right application is imperative to a successful lift. Investing in good quality equipment like the Superflex range from Andromeda ensures safety and practicality ensues.” 

Andromeda Industries' Superflex lifting slings are unrivalled, according to Borger Cranes.
Andromeda recently received an order for its Superflex slings en masse.
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