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Solving the skilled labour crisis with International Recruitment

Working In is a specialist international recruiting business offering visas, immigration strategy, relocation and settlement services.

In a highly competitive international labour market, New Zealand and Australia need to work smarter to attract talent with the skills, aptitude and drive to help our countries grow and prosper. 

Working In opened in 1999 and since then have attracted thousands of enthusiastic people to live and virtual events, and helped New Zealand and Australian employers fill many roles. 

Nassim Lalehzari, Chief Commercial Manager – Visas for Working In explains more about the services offered by the business.

“The lack of qualified labour in construction and ageing work force especially, in the crane sector is a known problem in all of the western world as we face baby boomers looking at retirement while our governments continue to put effort and resource into key infrastructure projects in our respective countries.

“The New Zealand construction industry has an estimated shortage of up to 50,000 workers. This has been exacerbated by recent COVID-19 events around the world and the disruption to the flow of skills to countries like New Zealand and Australia,” Nassim says.

Recently the New Zealand government announced key policy adjustments highlighting that they understand the acute shortages faced by the Crane Industry, thereby making it easier to keep skills in New Zealand once identified from offshore. Previously employers and staff had no certainty of ongoing ability to remain living and working in New Zealand.

“Working In helps employers grow their business. Whether that is by helping employers recruit permanent staff, or by helping them access talent through a labour hire model,” Nassim says.

The New Zealand construction industry has an estimated shortage of up to 50,000 workers.

 “Most skilled workers will come to New Zealand on an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) which is similar to the Australian Subclass 482. This is an employer supported visa whereby the employer has demonstrated to the relevant government authority, that there are insufficient skills available onshore. In New Zealand applicants will now have a pathway to residency meaning that employers can feel secure in their ongoing workforce.”

 “Working In work with the employer to determine the specific skills and qualifications that candidates will require. Candidates are then shortlisted, interviewed, trade assessed, if required in person, or via video link. 

“Work experience documents are then checked and assessed by our team, before being second person checked by a Licensed Immigration Advisor. Applications including relevant experience documents are then submitted to Immigration New Zealand for a further check before a visa is issued.”

Most immigration consultancies are consumer facing. Working In partner with New Zealand and Australian businesses of all sizes, supporting resource planning and providing clarity, guidance and direction that simplifies the complex world of immigration. Think of Working In as an extension of your team – committed to taking care of the whole process. 

As a part of their overarching support offer, Working In can help your business to obtain and maintain Accreditation, carry out New Zealand and Australian immigration required Job Checks and manage visa  applications for staff. 

Working In has a reputation with Immigration authorities for lodging high quality applications for all the above processes – which leads to Working In having one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Nassim goes on to explain how Working In ensures the right applicants go to the right business.

“There are no limitations to the skills we can attract, however the Australian government immigration policy settings mean that not all roles can easily obtain a visa for Australia – though we work with employers to find a solution that works to achieve the best outcomes for their business.

 “To achieve the above we work with employers on an attraction campaign while also working on an immigration strategy set by Registered Migratiion Agents,” Nassim says.

 “The employer selects the candidates – they know who will be the best fit, we are just the conduit to ensure that the process of international recruitment and visas is as hassle free as possible,” she adds.

Most immigration consultancies are consumer facing. Working In is employer facing. It makes a big difference. 

“Working In has been providing these immigration services for over 20 years and in 2022 we had nearly 4000 visas secured for our employers. All visas being approved for our employer clients. We have recruited large numbers for New Zealand and Australian employers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Qatar, the Philippines, India and Singapore,” Nassim says.

 “Employers just need to get in touch so that we can get a clear understanding of their needs and business goals. We can then put together a bespoke plan and outline the options and associated investment that they need to consider,” she says.

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