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Smithbridge Group celebrates multiple milestones with three anniversaries

Smithbridge Guam celebrated 30 years in 2022 with a community carnival day and customisation of one of their concrete trucks.

Smithbridge Group is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Universal Cranes in 2023, the 30th anniversary of Smithbridge Guam in 2022, and the 60th anniversary of the entire Smithbridge Group in 2024.

With a rich history dating back to 1964, Smithbridge Group is a 100% family-owned crane and construction business now entering its third generation of family ownership and management. The company’s brands Universal Cranes in Australia, Auckland Cranes in New Zealand and Smithbridge Guam in the Micronesian Islands have each earned reputations for industry leading engineering and construction services. 

These milestones further highlight the enduring success and commitment of Smithbridge Group to excellence and industry leadership. 

“As a family-owned business we take immense pride in our team of experienced and skilled employees who ensure every job is done right,” says Albert Smith, Managing Director of Smithbridge Group. 

“Back in 1964 my father, John Smith founded John C Smith Contractors, and I’m proud to say we have continuously evolved this business to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. From a small site in Rangiora, New Zealand, we now have locations across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Region including Guam.”

Over six decades, Smithbridge Group has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its service offerings, acquiring subsidiaries, and garnering recognition for its contributions to the industry and the communities it serves.

Smithbridge Guam

Smithbridge Guam, offers a wide range of services, including civil and mechanical work, precast and ready-mix concrete, aggregate, heavy equipment, and crane hire. With depots located in Yigo and Harmon, Smithbridge Guam is well-equipped to handle all construction needs in Guam. Their commitment to providing high-quality and innovative services has solidified their reputation in the region.

Auckland Cranes installing box culverts late April 2023.
Auckland Cranes installing box culverts late April 2023.

Universal Cranes

Universal Cranes is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned crane hire companies. With branches strategically located across the eastern seaboard, Universal Cranes offers high-capacity cranes and expertise in complex lifts. Their commitment to providing top-notch services and support, along with their emphasis on building strong customer relationships, has made them a trusted partner in the industry.

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Auckland Cranes

Auckland cranes GMK4100 and Hiab removing old tower lines 2023 March.
Auckland cranes GMK4100 and Hiab removing old tower lines 2023 March.

Auckland Cranes has been serving the Auckland and Waikato region since 1970. The team provide complete package lifting and heavy haul transport engineering and have established themselves as leaders in the market. With branches in Auckland and Hamilton, they are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable crane hire solutions to the local community.

In addition to their impressive individual capabilities, the Smithbridge Group’s trans-Tasman relationship between Universal Cranes and Auckland Cranes further enhances their service offerings. This cross-border collaboration allows them to leverage their combined expertise, resources, and knowledge, providing seamless solutions for clients operating in both Australia and New Zealand. 

The synergy between the two subsidiaries strengthens their ability to deliver consistent, high-quality services across the region, reinforcing the Group’s reputation as a trusted partner in the construction industry. Whether customers are in need of crane hire, transport solutions, or engineering services, Smithbridge Group is the go-to choice.

“Looking towards the future, Smithbridge Group remains focused on building a brighter and more sustainable business”, says Dashelle Bailey, Group Manager for Strategy and Growth and daughter of Albert Smith. 

“As our 60th anniversary approaches in 2024, we take great pride in the achievements of my Grandad and Dad, while also preparing for the significant change we anticipate in our industry over the next few decades. Things like sustainability, environmental stewardship, and diversity are high on our agenda in the near future.” 

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