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Skyjack’s jacked up EWP machines to support cranes

SkyJack supplies a wide variety of EWP machines to support the crane industry.

Global access equipment company Skyjack elaborates on the latest updates it has made to its machines to provide greater return on investment, cut down on emissions, and improve efficiency.

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In order to keep up with client requests and optimise the output of its access equipment, Skyjack has introduced a raft of changes to ensure its machines perform as well as possible within current  regulations.

Vertical Masts

Skyjack’s next generation vertical mast lifts provide a quiet and versatile package with zero emissions. With a new mast design, direct AC electric drive, ability to be driven at full height and fewer hydraulic connection points, the SJ12 E, SJ16 E and SJ20 E boast increased duty cycle expectations. Exceptional manoeuvrability and Skyjack’s unique traversing platform make the masts a top end choice for a wide range of indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and industrial applications.

 The updated vertical mast lifts feature the new green ECO label accompanied by an ECO Matrix, detailing sustainability benefits over previous models. Electric drive, signified by the “E” in the names, features a dual direct drive AC electric motor and gearbox combination, providing up to 30 per cent improvement in duty cycles. The newest line also offers 15 per cent operational carbon savings when compared to the previous model. 

Designed with an eye to reduced maintenance, such as the strategic elimination of wear items like chains and sheaves, and 70 per cent less hydraulic connections, low cost of ownership provides a compelling return on investment for rental houses. The control system is also updated to be CAN-enabled with an onboard diagnostic display in simple language readouts. 

Like previous Skyjack vertical masts, the Next Generation models keep the telescopic mast at the rear which provides a totally unrestricted view from the front facing control box. This layout also moves the steering wheels away from the mast, which offers excellent manoeuvrability with zero inside steering radius.

SkyJack supplies a wide variety of EWP machines to support the crane industry.
The SJ12 E, one of the models with increased duty cycle expectations. Image: Skyjack


Recognising the importance of booms for the rental industry, Skyjack has updated its line with machine features that combine durability, quality, reliability and serviceability. Maximum uptime is crucial, so as always, the Skyjack machines were designed to provide just that. 

These changes were driven by not only customer and user feedback, but also through data from the machines themselves. The updated control system provides additional insights when machines are equipped with Skyjack’s telematics solution Elevate.

Taking this feedback and data into consideration, Skyjack recognised that some of its booms had room for further optimisation. The team came to two key conclusions; these models were employing larger engines that machines themselves were not taking full advantage of, and the power they did have available was not being fully utilised by operators.

SkyJack supplies a wide variety of EWP machines to support the crane industry.
The SJ45A+. Image: Skyjack.

Using optimised gearing and a simplified, high-efficiency hydraulics package, machines can employ smaller engines with less complex aftertreatment components to deliver similar on-site job performance as higher-powered units. With these changes, rental companies can quickly improve their return on investment, lowering maintenance and fuel  costs. 

With this information in mind, Skyjack has updated its boom range to employ engines that deliver the same on-site job performance as higher-powered units. The changes offer increased return for rental companies through less emission regulation components, reduced fuel usage through reduced engine size, no downtime related to aftertreatment components, no expensive Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst or Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance or replacement, no reliance on ultra-low sulphur fuel to reduce cost of ownership and reduced OEM intervention in tandem with associated loss of uptime.

SkyJack supplies a wide variety of EWP machines to support the crane industry.
The SJ45 T+. Image: Skyjack.

The combination of these benefits means more uptime and savings for rental companies, with little to no impact on job site navigation and operation. According to Skyjack, the updates do not abandon its staple features such as: Easydrive, direction sensing drive and steer controls regardless of turret position over chassis; Axldrive, an axle-based drive system for excellent rough terrain traction; and Skycoded, a color-coded and numbered wiring system that makes troubleshooting and repair easier and more straightforward.   


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